which should i buy?

[SIZE=3]Nimbus X Street Unicycle- $275
[/SIZE]Nimbus 20-inch Trials Cycle with ISIS hub-$280

helps if you tell us what you want to do. personally the second one

nimbus trials

I feel biased because I do trials, but I would recommend the second one. You should be able to do everything with the Trials as you could with the street.

isis/cotterless, isis wins if you plan on jumping with the uni AT ALL, otherwise go with that one anyways, its a better uni.

don’t reply to the post above mine…


Yup, second one

I personaly would like the street, but your question just falls to that preference.

Both the unicycles Shay asked about are ISIS, so how does that help?


why is that so cheap?

Maybe 2007 model?

There is a thread around here somewhere about the BI deal. Basically, they are legit, several people have bought them already. They are '07’s :slight_smile:

still seems cheap…

but either way i’m not gonna buy it. just mentioning it sounds like a good deal even if it’s not an 08 - whom seem to be really overpriced at least here in the uk