which seat?

what one of these seats would be better for my Torker LX 24"


or some other one at amazon?

doesn’t anyone have any advice?

the KH seat is probably the best.

kh but youll need a different seat post


End thread.

deffinitly kh

KH but ull need to buy a new seatpost like unijesse said.

there all bacicaly the same

I hope not!! My Torker seat is killing my Manbag and I was hoping a KH was gonna be better. What about airbags??? Will that give me the extra cush for my large manhood??

Bragging on-line is useless, specially cause you cant prove much without pictures or a video, or a well written write-up of it. Good luck with that. :roll_eyes:

Anyways, is it seriously hurting your “manbag”, if so your doing something wrong, if anything saddles will hurt the inner thighs and near the rectal area, you shouldnt be sitting on or pinching anything, cause it should be moved up and out of the way.

An air saddle may work, but that distributes weight evenly and may not help you. Tilt the seat back as much as you can so you can get the hard parts of you but to be where the weight is, not the softer parts up front.

try as many seats as you can, Miyata, old style KH, newer KH, gels. One of those will work for you.

he means all the ones on amazon are the same as eachother

and yeah why does it hurt your “man bags”(why do you have bags? how many sacks do you have?)

I was going to say the dx because it is like the kris holm until i saw that the kris holm is only $2 more

Air seats are nice. But expect flats. Also the tube has a tendancy of working over to one side of the seat. You may find the air seat is not worth it until after 5 or more miles on the seat at one time when things start going numb.

If you set up the airseat right, you wont have a problem with it going to the side or things like that. I have set up 2 of them so far, and I have 2 more to setup, and they are still in great condition, and look great, no tubes hanging off the edge or anything.

Only thing about airseats, is that it distributes weight evenly, when you want all the weight on the back, so nothing upfront gets to much pressure on them. If you the airseat fits you and works great, or if you can get it to keep pressure on the back, go for it.

I would either go for a gel seat or a regular KH seat with a fusion cover, that way you can take their cover off easily and mess around with anything in there.

Jesse, in the furture please make sense with your post… nothing plural here… two potatoes one bag

it has been said many times, but once again. kh.

the dx seat is squishy, but I don’t know how well it does on long rides. It doesn’t seem to me to be very durable, though.

the Pyramid one looks exactly like the stock qu-ax muni seat, which is VERY firm, but VERY durable.

the KH combines these qualities, and isn’t that much more expensive.