which seat

hi im a teen with little money and need a new seat. im 6ft 140 lbs and should i get a Viscount 24$
a Semcycle XL Saddle 20$
or Schwinn Saddle
Price: $24.00

im looking for a better seat than my SAVAGE united seats are cheap but it says for children. … the choice is mine so help me make it… lol thanks please help

also its for my 20in savage that i use for freestyle and trials soon to be upgraded to to a better quality 20in uni.

if you doing any trials you’ll want a seat with a handle,
the best seat (not custom) available is a kh velo saddle.

on the cheap, a viscount is an amazing upgrade from the horrible savage seat , but its still not very comfortable compared to the kh velo seat.
but better than the united seat.

remember that you can take you seat with you to your next unicycle
so if you have the cash the kh velo is worth it.
the shwinn saddle and the viscount are the same.

I agree with evilewan, eatfood11. Get the KH-Velo saddle.
On the cheap, get the Viscount saddle or the next one up is the Schwinn. And yes you can easily take or transfer the seat to your next unicycle. That’s why I bought the Viscount Saddle ten years ago when I first bought my 20" Juggleart (Taiwanesse) Unicycle with that Horrible Savage saddle. See some other threads about this on what we’re talking about. I think I reply one to Greg Harper on about that dreaded Savage Saddle.
Good luck.


I would vote for the Viscount as well. I use one at the moment, but am going to upgrade to the KH soon.
The Viscount has a relatively nice handle, something that I didn’t like about the Semcycle seat my roommate has. The only difference between a Viscount and a Schwinn is the name on the side. Both are made by Viscount.
I actually have a friend who prefers his Viscount seat to the KH seat, but I think it’s because the KH takes some getting used to. The Viscount is a good all-around seat, for both Muni and Freestyle (I’m sure others will disagree with me, but I find the less padding makes it easier to slip on and off of while performing tricks).