Which Seat post?

As I was dreaming of my ideal Trials Uni to build and searching on UDC, I noticed that none of the seat posts have reviews except one for the KH seat post giving it only 1 star!!! I’ve seen all the broken seat post pics posted in the broken parts thread. I’m confused.

What is the best seat post for Trials?

Presumably pitfighter 3, but i dont really know.

That reviewer is crazy in my opinion. I’ve got the same post and couldn’t be happier. None of the looseness that he’s talking about. Now that’s not a guarantee, but I would recommend this seat-post.

Unless you’re riding big street (aka falling directly onto the front of the saddle trying to crankflip a large set) you should be fine with any post.

Edit: Probably 75% of broken posts were broken by flip tricks, for just light trials any post will work.

Awesome, thanks guys. People should really put more ratings on the parts to make it more accurate. I’m guilty, too. I guess I’ll go on and rate my nimbus 24" later.

Sadly, the adjustable KH is quite fragile. I have broken one just riding XC style muni. You need to get a fixed post, aluminum or steel, esp if you’re going to be doing anything where you drop, hop, or spin.

If you must have an adjustable post, I’m running a KH adjustable seat post base with a Thomson seat post. It works well, no breakage to date, call Josh at UDC and see how one will set you back. Think $100 + for starts.

I’ve got a KH Adjustable seatpost and it works great for me, the biggest drop I’ve done with it is 1.5metres, also with drops on most muni rides about 90cm. What broke? Do you have any pictures? Thanks.

EDIT: Sorry UniMD I don’t mean to hijack your thread. Good luck finding a good post for you.

Sorry for the further jacking, but your 14, so your probably tiny.

When you get older, and get some mass, parts will break easier.

True, im tall but wiegh about 60kgs so am light.