Which seat post for kris holm saddle?

Hi, I just purchased a kris holm fusion freeride saddle and I’m wondering which brand of seat post I should buy. I know that you need a 4 bolt rectangular pillar bracket for it but I’m not sure if all seat post with this pattern will fit the curve of the kris holm saddle.Thanks.

It depends on the frame, the diameter of the seatpost need to match the the inside diameter of the frame post, what fram/ uni is it going on?

The diameter is a 32mm which is kind of awkward. Isn’t the diameter usually around 25 or 27mm. I just have a starter unicycle(its not a name brand), but right now I’m in the middle of replacing most of the parts.

I prefer the Thompson seat post. Pricey but way strong and light. I use the rail-type post so it fits on either the KH rail adaptor, or the SW Derail CF base…which is what I just ordered! :slight_smile:

That seat post will cost more than his whole uni.

Does anyone have any cheaper suggestions than paying for a rail type seat post and an adapter?

I got mine used (but like new) for only $40! Now that I have it I would never go back to the KH or any other post; it’s simply awesome! And speaking of costing alot, it just cost me $355 (including shipping) to buy a SW cf derail base, DG handle, rear cf bumper, offset brake lever mount, and Magura brake extenders; I need those because I also just got a new LM rim which, at 65mm wide requires the SW extenders so my maguras will clear the rim.:slight_smile:

you prolly need the 25mm post any “standerd post” will work http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=2&subcat=78&cat=Seat+Posts+-+Traditional&L2=Seat+Posts%2C+Clamps+%26+Components&L3=Seat+Posts+-+Traditional

10 dollars… make sure you nrrd this and not a 27.2 before you order, I am not a post to frame expert.

EDIT oh i gave you the link to all of them. something on there will work one with the bracket on top

A 25mm will just wobble all over the place in my 31.6 mm frame. I need a 31.6 diameter seat post with the bracket already attached. Has anone ever heard of such a thing?

Wow, if you use that uni for urban stuff (on cement) and drop it often then check your rear bumper every now and then. I was riding a CF rear bumper on my wallis base and the bumper got worn down and cracked from dropping it on concrete so many times so it did nothing to protect the base. So I took the cover off and the back of the base was all cracked and there was a piece that wasnt even attached anymore.
Scott is really nice though and he is fixing it for me.

That is an awesome seat set up…I want a thompson for 40 bucks.

Are you sure that isn’t the OD of the seat tube instead of the seat post? Because that sounds like it may be the OD of the seat tube for a 27.2 seat post, and I’ve certainly never heard of a 31.6 seat post on a unicycle.

The largest unicycle-specific seat post I know of is 27.2 MM

You should buy a shim like this http://www.bikeparts.com/search_results.asp?ID=BPC302847

or just buy a 31.6mm seat post and the rail adaptor.

…you won’t find anything with a “built-in” rail adaptor. anyways, the nice part about going this route is that you can change your seat angle.

Well thanks everybody for your replies, I ended up buying a United CrMO seatpost(27.2mm) and a seat adapter that fits the 31.6mm diameter.