which seat for a Coker?

well all the postings about Cokers nearly persuaded me to buy one…
I am now so accustomed to the comfort of my KH seat that
I fear other seats …
I’ve read that Velo also built a comfortable seat for freeride
has anybody tested it? is it suitable for a Coker?
(or should I stick to another KH seat?)

other advices on chosing parts for a Coker welcome…


I love the Coker/Velo combo. A Miyata with air would also be great

I use the Miyata w/ air pillow, Roach cover on my Coker, and love it. Works really well, especially for long rides.

Re: which seat for a Coker?

Let’s make sure there is no confusion…
The Velo and the KH saddle are the same saddle. Built and manufactured by Velo, and designed by Kris Holm (KH).


Just want to make sure we are on the same page here. I can’t reccomend a saddle - I just know I love the Miyata Air saddle and I’ve never really tried the Velo KH.

Re: Re: which seat for a Coker?

I believe there is a freestyle version of the seat, without the front handle, if that’s where the mix-up came from…


I fond the KH great for cokering for three reasons:

1 its comfy
2 unlike an airseat it wont get punctured
3 the handle sticks out further than the miyata, meaning it gives more leveridge when you pull up on it, therefore making it better (in my opinion) for steep downhills.

the shape of it is good when it is tilted back, as nearly all of your weight is put on the widest section, thus reducing pressure in the areas where it hurts most.

ok, so that was 4, but the last one came to me in a flash of inspiration.

Of course this is only in my opinion, I may have a different shaped crotch to you and I would suggest you try all saddles for reasonable distances before buying them.

My last word is that I find the Velo fairly pointless for cokering and muni, due to the fact that it is the same as the KH just without a handle. In some aspects of unicycling where the handle may get in the way (such as freestyle, seat out behind and other tricks of that ilk) it is good, but for cokering and muni it is fairly important.