which pedals?

i dont know what kind of pedals to get. im doing trials but im also doing some freestyle. should i have pinned pedals w/ removable pins or just normal BMX pedals so my feet dont stick when im doing freestyle?

You could get 2 pairs of pedals and switch… do you usually do trials and freestyle one after the other?

just kinda mixed together when i ride

so i cant really switch

any suggestions?

i like my jimmy c’s

theyre grippy but not too grippy

Man is freestyle on the rise. But anyways I’d give odysey twisted plastics a go. I love em but I ride pretty much strictly street but as far as I know they would be good for trials.

Yeah, I like my twisted plastics for freestyle/street. They’re not bad for trials, but when my feet get wet, they get all slippery.

I am not certain, but I think I will be getting some caged pedals next. I rode (a trials bike) with them and they felt nice. They look good for trials because they have a wide platform and for pedal grabs they have a nice square side.

And for street, they look OK because they dont look super super grippy. I am not 100% sure though.

I will come back when I get them (from a freind for free :))