which pedals for muni?

i just recently got my new muni, and after hours of admiring it, i need to replace the plastic pedals that came with it, i look at some, but i would like to know what everyone thinks.


depening on youre budget
lets ee , some good(in fact exalant) are DX pedals
i pesonly dont like snafus
top of the line for muni are Jimmy c’s

i was thinking about DX pedals, i kust needed confirmation, thank you

they are the greatest pedals out there for price and streght,I had them on my trials and out of all the drops that i did ,all the grinds that i do ,all the (attempted) crank graps ,the have only bent in the slightes bit (utill last month ,but thats a different story)

i’m also buying extra set of cranks, just in case ya’ know

kona jackshits. cheap, great, great, great bearings, super strong and great foot coverage. http://www.konaworld.com/shopping_cart/FrontEnd/Products/not_bikes_category.aspx?categoryid=207#165
there’s a link to them. I highly reccomend them.

I like my Snafus. But get yourself some soccer shin guards and wear them backwards to protect your calf from pedal bites.

for the last freaking time(i wish) jimmy c’s a good for grinding and that’s about it. they’re a hella sturdy bmx pedal made for pedal grinds on a bike, thusly they work pretty well on a streety uni.

there are pedals that grip much much better for the same money or less. both the konas and snafus mentioned are better muni pedals. by a long ways. top of the line would be something like the Air Corps. but they also cost ~$130.

I vouch for these.

I rode a set on Trials_Uni’s (Phil’s) Muni and, I must say, they’re VERY smooth feeling.

id just like to say this is my opinion ,i tried owens(iridemymuni) and they felt great