Which One?

When my dad was about 13 he owned a unicycle and used to ride it all over the place. I decided that for his 50th birthday this year, I would help him re-live a part of his youth and get him a unicycle. He probably won’t be doing any tricks on it, but I thought that he would get a real kick out of owning one again(as I will get a kick out of watching him try to ride again!).

I decided on getting him a Torker LX 24" model, and I was just wondering if this was a good buy or not? :thinking:

This post really belongs in RSU, but I’ll throw in my answer anyway. The Torker LX is a great unicycle and cheap to boot. But I think a Schwinn would make a better gift in this case. Like you said, your father isn’t going to be doing tricks on it, so the weight isn’t going to affect his riding much. Chances are pretty good that the unicycle he used to have was a Schwinn.


If a Torker LX is better (In my opinion and most others I think) and cheaper then the schwinn, why go for the scwhinn. I’d say the Torker, but that maybe because its what I would get.


Schwinns have a certain nostalgic value. They are plenty strong. The only downside to them is the weight. The stock saddle is considered not as comfy as the stock Torker LX, but it can be swapped out for a KH. In order to swap the seat on the LX, you’d need a new seatpost.

Thanks for all of your advice, i will consider what you have said.

Great Buy

I have the Torker LX 24. I have about 30 miles on it. That is 30 miles after about 6000 upds of trying to learn. It is holding up great. I only use it on the roads, so for Muni, it may not hold up, but it is defininitely a better buy than the Schwinn in my opinion.

do get the Torker LX. It’s cheap and a good ride.

i think daino was trying to say was a schwinn would be much more vintage and he would like it more than the fancy new age lx


LX all the way.

yes the lx is cheaper and better but
schwinns are literaly old school
it would better help him relive his youth

but hey thats just me

He may want to relive his youth NOW, but after a while, he’s gonna want to MUni, or something. I don’t knkow your dad, but that’s how my dad was. so, again, LX, becuase it will survive longer than the schwinn.

I don’t know about that. I’ve never owned a Schwinn, but from what I’ve heard about them, they seem pretty tough.