Which one......

I was thinking about buying either a Torker LX, a Nimbus II/X, or a Semcycle XL and was wondering if you people had some thoughts on what the best one is.

i think but i don’t know that the nimbus is better then the torker for freestyle (i’m assuming thats what you want it for) but i’ve never seen or heard about the semcycle.

Yes, I will be using it for freestyle.

well when your doing one foot skills your foot will slip off the torker frame more easily than the nimbus, i have also seen people do light trials on the nimbus so i don’t think it will break very easily. but find out what other people think don’t go and buy it just becouse i think it’s better.

get one of the new black torkers with the flat crown. those are really good for the price. isn’t the lx the chrome one? the chrome one breaks really easily

The LX is the uni that you would want if you purchase the Torker. The CX is the chrome one that you definitely do not want.

Yah the LX Has a flat crown and is not Chrome it’s black. It’s also like half the price so I think the Nimbus may be stronger.

I will also be going off 2-3 foot Drops and I was wondering if the Nimbus II or Torker LX has stonger crank arms and Hub.

No question the Nimbus has the stronger hub. I don’t know about the cranks though. I’ve taken my Torker cranks off of picnic tables with out any problems. If anything, cranks are very easy and relatively cheap to replace and upgrade, hubs aren’t.


i agree with daniel. i havn’t heard anything but greif about taking torkers off of big drops since i joined the forums, (which is probably why mine has survived so long:) )

I also wondering what the PSI Ratings mean because the Torker LX is only rated to 65 PSI and the nimbus II to 110-120. Is a higher rating better?

Also the nimbus II Is $48 dollars more expensive is it worth it?

The Nimbus II is also 4Lbs heaver is that a factor in the decision?
Also am I correct in saying that both of these uni’s are cotterless and not splined?
Are the Nimbus II’s bearings sealed like the torkers?

I’m full of questions :slight_smile:

The PSI it how much pressure the tire can handle. The tire on the nimbus (Hookworm) is better than the Torker tire (I Have both). I would Definitely go with the Nimbus. I think it is an all around better unicycle

In my admittedly small experience with different unicycles, I’ve found that higher pressure gives you smoother turns and control, and that lower pressure gives the tire more bounce (higher hops) and grip (adding a resistance to turns).

I’ve ridden both. You cannot beat the Nimbus II for the money.

As for the price difference, consider this- The seat alone is worth $48.

the bearings are sealed. The nimbus has a CrMO hub, which is significantly stronger. It has 48 spokes over the torker’s 36. The high pressure tire has been good to me in my light trials riding. I jumped a 12" gap to land on a mossy log in the rain, and it didn’t slip.

Also, it comes with a colored rim. Just know that the red rim is really more of a maroone.

The only trouble with the Nimbus is the stock pedals. They’re small, if you’re doing drops. I picked up some matching bulletproof alloy platforms for pretty cheap, and they’ve worked nicely

Thanks for the info Guys I went ahead and bought the nimbus II (red).