Which One?

I just started unicycling this week and have been borrowing a friends. I’ve also been reading TONS of material on “how to choose the right” unicycle. Though I’m new to the sport, I’m having a blast and I’m learning quick…I think. What I’m struggling with is, which style of unicycle to purchase?

As some of you may have read, I’ve been contemplating purchasing a 20" trials uni; uni trials is what sparked my interest in unicycling. After watching so many videos of people with 29’er munis cruzing off large drops etc. I’ve begun to doubt my choice of unicycle. My main aim is to just kick it around town doing some flat land/freestyle, jumps/trials off planters & park benches, with the addition of some short commutes of less than a mile or so to a local coffee shop during lunch.

s a 20" trial uni still appropriate for me? If so which is better, Nimbus or Koxx One? I’ve been looking at both and they’re both very nice uni’s.

Thanks everyone in advance for your patience and advice!

Fortunately, you’re not limited to one. It sounds like what you want is a trials unicycle - if you decide later that you’re still interested in muni or something else, then you can pursue that as well.
What type of unicycle is the one you’ve been riding?

I don’t know off the top of my head Tak, but it is like this Avenir Uni. The hub bolts on to the frame with four large bolts, the cranks also have one bolt each that secure the crank arm to the hub, and the seat clamp has some quick release look alike that I can never seem to get tight enough…thus the seat tends to move when I try to turn. The other pain is the bolts that protrude on the crank arms tend to nip at my ankle bone and snag my shoe laces…not cool.

If you want I can get you the name of it later?

That’s a really cheap uni. Newer cheep unis don’t have that problematic stuff (lollydrop bearing holders, cottered crank, crappy clamp).

Replace the bolt on the post clamp w/ a new one and a locking nut (prob best to ask the owner first).

I had a 20 like that. The frame cracked so that the metal between the bolts where the hub mounts and the bottom of the frame could be spread open. No matter how tight I tightened the bearing holders, the frame would wiggle. I ended up getting some hose clamps and tightening them down as much as I could, then the bearing holders. It wiggled a lot less, but taking the wheel off was a lot harder. I think the frames demise was excelerated by riding off curbs and hopping.

Well, it must be an old unicycle because I can’t find it online anywhere; its a “Savage” uni. Its essentially the same exact one that I posted a link to…just a different name. Maybe someone could give me hope here. Since I’ve been trying this uni out, the insides of my thighs have been pretty sore from squeezing the saddle. Is this because its a very cheap saddle or is this typical?


It is very likely that the saddle you’re using is terrible. Your thighs might have been sore anyway, but upgrading to a uni that has a saddle with the KH base (any of the KH saddles, or the Nimbus gel) would help out.

Cool. If I can sell my set of climbing cams I should be able to buy a new uni very soon. I have my eyes on two; Nimbus 20" Gremlin OR a Koxx-One 20" Green Spirit? I really dig them both, especially the K1. Which is a better choice of the two?

Thanks in advance!

Koxx - it’s lighter and cheaper.

For all of 3 sites that have been posted here selling those Koxx’s cheap each is “Not Accredited” by the Better Business Bureau so I don’t know if I’d trust them (but to be fair UDC didn’t even come up w/ a search and I trust them. Same w/ renegadejuggling.com)

Has anyone ordered from those sites? Did you get your order in a reasonable time?

The BBB is a commercial entity; if a business wants to get accredited, they have to pay the BBB for the privilege. And the BBB does not really address the quality of the business, only the question of whether they respond to customer complaints. I have dealt with two different highly unethical business which used the BBB as a way to more or less fraudulently support themselves. If they wait until a customer is pissed off enough to complain to the BBB, and deal with it then, they maintain a good BBB rating.

So, don’t worry about whether a vendor is BBB-rated or not; you’re better off looking at other sources.

So which company is better, Nimbus or Koxx One?

The Koxx uni has better specks, but the company has had some problems w/ quality control and customer relations in the past. As you can see from the popularity there are plenty of people are satisfied customers. The only issue I’ve ever heard of w/ Nimbus is sometimes the wheel hasn’t been tensioned proberly (a Nimbus I ordered from UDC once all the spokes were quite loose).

I’m seriously considering getting one of those discount unis as well. My only concern is the company I’ll actually purchasing the uni form. (I try not to order from stuff online stores unless it’s a company I know, I’ve been burned before)

Do you know what some of these sources are? (Other than this site)

If the vendors have Amazon or eBay storefronts, you can often get customer reviews from there, or from Yelp or other aggregators.

Pretend I am Tiger Woods

Please indulge me, all those girls were so hot I want to keep dreaming.
Oh yes, what were you asking, what is the best club ?

Well, going down the smooth and fast, nothing beats a 36 driver. In the rough, a 24 muni alum is a almost must have. Then when it gets to idling in tiny spaces, you pull out the 19" KH putter. If I was Tiger Woods, I would need at least 3 unicycles. And 4 hot brunettes and a blonde model wife.
One is not enough. Not in fantasy, and certainly not in unicycles.

Go for the Koxx off of Meijer while the sale lasts.

Think I’m gonna have to. I’ve been reading people suggesting the White Russian, but the frame looks just like the Nimbus frames. Kinda makes me wonder, like bikes, if most uni frames are made in the same factory in China some where? I’ve really been leaning towards the K1 “Green Spirit”…though I’m not a huge fan of the seat colour. Figured I could beat the tar out of that saddle and upgrade to a KH saddle later. Now here is another thing I’ve been wondering; what is the difference between the ISIS hub and a spline hub and can I switch out other crank arms with each hub? My guess is no.

For my birthday my wife bought me a Nimbus “Blue Gremlin” from Unicycle.com…man was I stoked! She had been nagging me to wait and to save money so I could buy it…turns out she had bought it a little while earlier.

SO, for our third anniversary I bought her a K1 White Russian! Only down side is she knows about it which kinda spoils the surprise a bit.