Which one to get?

I have the extra money for the Qu-Ax. But, is it worth the extra 70 dollars more to get instead of gettin the DX. Im trying to get a lot better at trials and want a uni that will last for a year or so. so is it worth the extra money for the QU-Ax or should i just settle for the DX.

Qu-ax is stong. It wont brake on you, if you just getting into trials like me(kinda). I have 2:D 2 fully working qu-ax 19"s Don’t ask why I have two but I do. The only thing is the pedals. They aint very grippy. They work but you can get better one’s when you have the money. I would recommend changing the saddle as it can get a bit sore, no good for SIF. But they are really tough uni’s. ive dropped and thrown them and whatever. taken um from 5 and a half ft drops and stuff. Only like twice though, and never landed but still:D The crank’s dont damage on crankgrabs neither. It has a really bouncy maxxis creapy crawler tyre. Landed on my first unispin on it today so im happy.

Have fun, cya

I still can’t do unispins it bugging me :frowning:

I managed 17 180spins today. Put I could do alot more, tommoz when i rested. I hope:D. I was also doing other stuff today. It was a gd day for all 3 of us. My mate who just got a qu-ax 19" aswell:D landed his first 3set and my other mate got 1ft pretty good know.


p.s. First jump and spin the uni and land on the floor. Get someone to see what lands first te spin or your feet on the floor. Do that untill you spin it before you land. Then just put on your shin protection and aim for the cranks. JUST AIM FOR THOSE CRANKS. It’s annoying but you will get it. I sound like and expert now:D Far from it.

Good luck!!

p.s.s Go for the Qu-ax

I’m on a 24" but I fixed my 16" today so i’ll try one on that tomorrow :wink:

  • Evil rails prevented me from trying today :angry:

Get the Qu-Ax

I got one for christmas and it is amazing, It will last you longer then a year.:wink:

Ya I landed my first uni spin on it a few weeks ago. Its so sweet.

Look, everyone says the Qu-Ax :sunglasses:

congratz on the spin:p

I don’t have any experiences with the DX, I do have experience with Qu-Ax and they’re some of the best unicycles out there, I’m not sure if they ship with the 2005 or 2007 saddle, the 2007 saddle is low profile.

This is the dream unicycle, the Qu-Ax with gel saddle and better pedals. Personally I’d go for the Qu-Ax.

after all of these great reviews i think ill go witht the qu-ax, one more question though how high can you drop on it without it bending and i know the cranks are a little long and was wonderin if it makes a big difference witht he longer cranks?

I’ve done 2 meter + to flat, my Qu-Ax didn’t have a thing, even with the old model rim (the new one rocks this one), I walked around with my ankles in bandages for a week after though, so probably the unicycle will take more than you can.

ok wut about the length of the Cranks? Does the longer cranks make a difference or feel weird?

save the rest and get the KH, you will be WAY glad you did!

lets compare
DX… comfy seat… could be better …
quax … same deal

frame, i have never EVER heard of a quax frame breaking EVER!
DX… you know, but 07 frames are WAY strong

pedals… ooohhh my pedals are beasts, but broken (on the DX)
quax… plenty grippy for me…but the DX are more grippy and don’t break that easily at all, i drilled holes in mine…

DX- seatpost- I broke mine, but I have never ever heard of anyone else breaking one
quax- if its aluminum, they break commonly, if not, its real good, cuz i havn’t heard of steel seatposts breaking constantly

DX cranks, just as freaking strong as the quax
i have taken it off of a 9 set and its fine (other than me messing them up “maintaining” on them)
quax- indy structable (basically)

DX rim- its ALEX and Alex = AWESOME + its 48 spoke so its slightly heavier(unnoticable, but ultrastrong)
quax- bad rep w/ rims, but their new ones are Oh sO good(supposedly)

Dx - good
quax- a little better
KH- OWNS… there is no need to compare

the qu ax cranks are 145’s. in my opinion the best all around length and it is good for trials because you need more torque

DX is 140

it really depends on how hard you ride it.

I think the Qu-Ax cranks are 140 or 145 cant remember. More that i cant be assed to get my spare pair out the cupboard. Longer cranks for trials, shorter for street. Either way you can do both on it.