Which of yours is higher?

I am just wondering if your rolling hop or side hop (seat out in front or seat in) is higher? I personally have a larger side hop then a rolling hop but it’s really close now (within 1 inch). Also why do you feel that it is higher??

My rolling hop is several inches higher, I’ve been working on SIF side a lot more though. Last month my R. hop was about 7 inches higher…

My side hop is a tad higher I think, but I haven’t practiced enough.

Riding really fast at a barrier isn’t my kinda thing…

mine are both petty. i never ever hop. i hop occasionally for unispins here and there but thats the whole extent of it. wierd as it is it gives me a headache

My highest is definately a stationary forward hop. Never tried Seat out hopping.

my side hop, saddle in, to the left is getting significantly high. probably can do two feet fairly consistently. To the right is about half that. I just recently started working on rolling hops and they are coming a lot easier than last time I tried them. Jumping straight up a curb is pretty casual now but something a foot high might trip me up. Once my replacement seatpost shows up I intend to focus on rolling hops and saddle out hops.

I hop mostly SIF. I can hop onto 22" boxes (to the left, 18"ish to the right) and ride away with ease, but I can’t rolling hop half of that for shiites.

I agree, I’d rather practice wheelwalking (my new thing), or unispins, or something else.

my record side hop is 42 inches and rolling hop is like 37 inches.

Record sidehop 36-37", record rolling hop measured 34", unmeasured 36-37".

Rolling at a barrier is intimidating, but rolling hops onto rails are far less intimidating than sidehops onto them, and also rolling hops in muni can be great ways out of and over obstacles. If you have a high rolling hop, you can do offspeed mismeasured ones high enough to land obstacles.

I think rolling hops have more potential than sidehops for height, since you have so much more time to build up power for the hop. Sidehops you can only build up power in the prehop and the spring. In rolling hops you can build up power as long as you can spin faster.

I canside hop really high but not over htings or on them… I roll hop as high but I can get on the things easelly

Uhh, isn’t that rather…what’s the word…useless? And even if it weren’t, if you can’t get onto or over something, how can you possibly measure it? Also, there is a spellcheck, but then again everyone makes mistakes.

it is very useless… i can do it on high things i just toaly hate it i dont like how it feels… I dont practice it enough… and yeah i kno bout the spell chek… and I dont feel like using it to yeah go figure

i’ve been consistantly getting 22 inch sif side hops(4 blue pallets) and about 17 in rolling hops (3 blue pallets) i know i’ve done higher but that’s all i’ve measured. i know i can’t do a sif 5 stack yet. close though. i just ran a measured in my garage.