Which new hub?

I am looking for a new crankset for my trials uni and dont know if i should buy the Koxx Isis hub and cranks or the KH/Onza hub and crank set.

I have been told that the KH/Onza is stronger than the K1 and has an ammount of Q factor and he K1 isnt as strong but has no Q factor.

Can anybody help me with deciding which hub/crank set to buy?


well k1 is about half as expensive, and it would probably tame a 300 pound person to bend them unless you have super crappy form. kh is a little overrated i think.

i vote koxx-one


They’re both great cranksets… Perhaps the KH / Onza is slightly stronger, but you’re going to have trouble breaking either! Strength isn’t an issue.

The K1 cranks have very little Q factor (distance from the pedal to the frame) which makes them give you a very smooth ride. It also helps (I feel) with getting speed on rolling hops.
They’re more suited for street riding.

The KH / Onza Cranks have Q-a-plenty so you’ll get the extra help with riding skinnies and on pedal grabs.
[B]They’re more suited for technical trials.

[/B][COLOR=Black]Neither are better, it’s just down to preference and what style of riding you’re after.

My advice is that if you’re strapped for cash (and you want 125mm) then go for the Koxx-One Cranks. They’re nice, smooth and are £25 cheeper than the KH/Onza cranks.
AND, almost no-one in the US has them!!!

[/I]Hope this helps,

What are your thoughts Dom?

i would just vote K1 becuase they are alot cheaper… and your not gonna break either one… so me being cheap would go for the K1


the only thing I find with the KI is that they are very steep on the top for doing seat drops and wraps, while the KH ones are nice and have a rounded flat top to them. also because the KH are angled out, theres less chance for your feet to hit the spokes.


That’s never happened to me (I have K1 cranks).

Q-factor is not the distance from the pedal to the frame. It’s the distance between the pedals, including the hub width.


profile’s are over rated

thanks for the help guys. It looks like i will buy the K1 because there are cheaper than the KH and most of you guys seem to like them.

Miles - So far i have never hit my feet on the spokes and my cranks are fairly close to them atm but thanks for the warning :smiley:

Wait up! I do know somebody that broke their K1 cranks. He is ntappin on these forums, so you should be able to find him. I believe that because it is the international spline system (or whatever ISIS stands for), you can get new cranks from almost anywhere, though.

Thats brilliant Eroick, can you name one other manufacturer of isis splined unicycle cranks other than Koxx???

Bicycle cranks are rarely come in the shorter lengths necessary for unicycles and often have cogs on the right-hand crank.

If all splined unicycle manufacturers were to adopt the Isis splined system that will be great, as we will be able to select whichever cranks we like. Till then the Koxx Isis cranks are yet another splined system incompatible with all the other unicycle splined systems


… Yeah …

if you’re doing muni you can nearly always find 170s in ISIS from a variety of manufacturers. shorter than that and you might be in trouble. i know redline makes a 165mm cranks set ISIS for children’s mtn bikes. don’t know how hard it is to find though.

All the really excellent splined cranks/hubs are going to be over-rated…because there are a whole THREE to talk about.

profiles just own dude… honnestly if u ride hard ur gonna break ur crnaks and cry cauz ull ahve to pay 150$ again

kh/schlumph :sunglasses:

I can tell u more than 5 people who damaged a K1…

Surely, somewhere, KH, Koxx, Profile, Onza and Qu ax cranks have been bent and broken.

Maxisback -It’s nearly cheeper to buy a new unicycle than get Profiles in the UK. I know people have said this to you before. And improve your spelling and grammar!