Which new flat/street uni to get???

I say, Nimbus ISIS with 137 moments or if you go 125s go with the Quax tubulars. Or the Quax would be awesome, and maybe the koxx. I think you want more of an allrounder type. So I think the Quax or Nimbus would do best. Don’t go KH, be different:)

Okay, i think i will go with the KH or K-1, but do the 05 KH/onza cranks (for the hoppley) break easily for street? If they don’t it may be between the hoppley and KH.

And are the 05 KH cranks or 135 K-1 street cranks best for flat?

Yes, they are… Tubular cranks have more space to you put your foot on… The profile cranks are tubular to… but they are too long and too expensive!

I’m updating my Koxx with a KH frame… I think that is acctualy the best setup for street/flat… The domina 2 looks sick…But too expensive!

Here you can find a amazing deal for the Seatpost and the Frame:
MDC Diet Set

Good Luck!

Go with the nimbus ISIS with moments if money is an issue. I’d also recommend upgrading to a KH street saddle for $20-30.

Go with the KH if you have money to burn and weight is a big issue to you.

Go with the Koxx if you are really worried about how your unicycle looks (the nimbus and KH are better quality IMO).

WOW, that is an amazing deal, I might upgrade my nimbus frame now. I wonder how much shipping would be to New Zealand, because I think tax of 20% gets taken off the price.

Yeah, for international costumers the 19% gets taken off! With no taxes the price 83 Euross!


Okay, I am getting the Koxx-One custom devil!
here is is again:
Custom Koxx-One Devil
-White Russian Saddle
-Reinforced Try-All Seatpost
-2 Bolt Red Seatclamp
-White Russian Frame
-ISIS (not real isis) Reinforced Hub
-ISIS (not real isis) Street 135 Cranks
-Red 19" Drilled Rim
-Black Sticky

Thank you all for your help!

I was just wondering… I see that f.ex the K1 Street cranks have that socalled “Q-factor”. I know what it is, but is that a good thing, or something that you should avoid? I am buying a new trials/street uni next week, and I want it to be as perfect as it can be.


Yes these cranks have the “Q-Factor”. It’s not a good thing… Q-Factor is the spot on the crank that can hurt your ankle bone… But the K1 Street Crank is pretty “rideable”, and these cranks have a lot of space to put your foot on…

If you are not planning to do a lot of crank rolls, go with Moments, or normal K1 Cranks… You can put griptape on moments to help you in Crank Rollings…

If you is a PURE flatlander go with the Street Cranks… They are perfect…!


I like Q, unless I am ridding distance.

White Russian frame is out of stock :frowning:

So I need a new color scheme…
-Black seat
-yellow clamp
-black frame
-yellow rim
-blueberry colors

Damn, hurry up and buy it already, I’m as eager as you are to try out a K1 :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO the blueberry colors look cooler, but your choice, whatever you feel is right.

Okey, then I have an hard choice!

I thought that Q-Factor was something that was just good, but now I understand that it isn’t. I am primary planning street/trails, so should I pick the normal K1 cranks then?

Q-factory is not a bad thing. It will make you wobble more when pedaling in a straight line, and when you are pedaling fast you will feel a little less stable.

For me, having q factor makes me feel like Im in a more comfortable stance on the uni. I feel it helps with no footer tricks and makes seat wraps and things a bit easier to find the cranks.

The reason for Q is so you can actually pedal your uni withouth hitting the end of the cranks. Cranks with no nubs do not need as much Q. Those cranks will be better for skinny ridding or things like ridding distances.
Cranks with nubs are better for flatland stuff, because there is more space for your foot.

What pedrotejada said is completely untrue. Yes those cranks have Q, other than that, he is way way off the ball.

Okey, I really think that I actually is going to go for Q then :slight_smile: I bet that I will adapt (not physically, haha) to whatever I choose, so! :wink:

I’m sorry but i don’t think that is completly untrue. Q Factor exists in all cranks!.. And for street in my opinion Cranks with less q-factor are better… Riding Faster with a bigger Q-Factor is harder… So i conclude that less q factor for street is better… I like to ride faster, and mix trial lines in street lines… So the instability of these cranks sometimes aren’t something good for me…

For flat these cranks are perfect… I said it before… You have a lot os space to put your foot on… But the nub can hurt your ankle easier…

Here in Brazil we can translate some words with a diferent meaning… I’m sorry if i can’t express myself… My english sucks…

Very well,

We are disagreeing on a preference issue. I just wanted to make it clear the Q is not always good, or bad. I also wanted to point out the q is not the nub itself, it is the outward flare of the crank, so you dont catch your foot on the nub.

No worries, there are a alot of different languages here, and since we are using English as our medium I sometime take that for granted. Just didnt want you saying q is a bad thing to affect someones decision. Nor should me saying its a good thing. Just thought they should have both opinions and maybe some more clear facts.

If Q factor was a horrible thing, the Moments wouldnt have some.
In the end you get used to what you have.

Fluro yellow will be awesome! But get a saddle that suits this colour scheme. If you wanted something a bit different you could get the DH frame and a white rim and clamp or something but it’s completely your choice since it’s your uni and colour is completely a personal thing.

And on the topic of Q-factor, I like a little bit. I prefer moments to k1 cranks, just gives a wider stance and I guess I’m just used to it.

I highly recommend not getting the DH frame. It has a very weak clear coat that will let the frame collect surface rust very easily.