Which new flat/street uni to get???

Hello, I am going to get a new unicycle very soon and I don’t know which to buy. I have limited down the unis to 5.
-I am 125lbs
-I am looking for a street/flat unicycle
-I am going to get (25% chance I may not) Eastern Plastic Pedals
-I only have a maximum of $500ish (not including shipping)
-If I get something under $400, in about 6 months I will upgrade my saddle to a carbon fiber KH

Custom Koxx-One Devil
-White Russian Saddle
-Reinforced Try-All Seatpost
-2 Bolt Red Seatclamp
-White Russian Frame
-ISIS (not real isis) Reinforced Hub
-ISIS (not real isis) Street 135 Cranks
-Red 19" Drilled Rim
-Black Sticky (unless renegade can get white)

-$493 (without shipping)
-Love look
-Nice cranks
-Nice Tire

Kris Holm 20-inch Trials

-Okay color

Nimbus Hoppley

-Nice color
-Cranks for flat/street?
-Nubbed Cranks…

Nimbus 20-inch Trials with upgraded 137 Moments

-Okay color
-Maybe 125s?

Qu-Ax 20-inch Trials

-Good color
-127 cranks…
-Cranks for flat/street?
-Upgrade to 137 Moments?

I’d say Go the KH… theyre just Beasts… but… the nimbus Trials uni is as Awesome, in my oppinion(with the moments, of course)

Nimbus trials with kh cranks and get that cf now.

the k1 isis does fit real isis, just to let you know

For real? Why does everybody say it doesn’t then?

idk, ive put Onza Tensiles on mine, i’ve seen KH cranks on them before(dont remember who), and AgentQ has(Had?) Qu-Ax cranks on his.

Putting it one isn’t the problem, I heard the knoxx isis is a little smaller so after a while it will wear down and ruin both hub and cranks.

oh, my cranks seem to be holding up fine

Or this!

And i am fine with the threadjack :slight_smile: it puts my thread on the top!

I’d go for the Kris Holm or the Nimbus with moments. I don’t think you’d need to upgrade to cf yet unless you break your seat base.

if your getting into tech street, go kh definitely, unless you wear only shorts or don’t mind you pantlegs getting torn up.

anyone for the Qu-ax or hoppley?
If no one, then just the three, KH, nimbus w/moments, or K-1 (nm the nimbus w/ momens and cf)

I could get anckle guards so the nubs dont hurt that bad on the hoppley…

The nubs actually aren’t too bad. The cranks are very good for flat but they’re kinda outdated so I would go with something Isis. Qu-ax is ok but kinda on the heavy side.

Custom K1… I love the street cranks… they will hold up fine at your weight.

Go for the nimbus with upgraded cranks. Great price and quality.

I would make a mix:

Kh Frame
Kh Saddle
Kh SeatPost

K1 Street Cranks
K1 Clamp
K1 Wheel (Drilled or Undrilled… I prefer drilled ones)
K1 Reinforced Hub

Pedals i think that the JC Twisted are cool :smiley:

Tyre the try all white is awesome… But the black is cool too… I love this tire!


Either a KH20" or the Nimbus Hoppley.

I once rode a KH24" that was lighter than my Hoppley…so that gives you an idea as far as weight differences go…

If you’re choosing between the the KH and anything else…GET THE KH20"!!

You will not regret it.

Yes, But the K1 street cranks are better for Crank Rollings… So they are better for flat…

Spencer is currently riding flatland with moments… But i’m pretty sure that the k1’s are better…! It’s easier to stand up on tubular cranks!


Could be that this was the case to the older hubs, maybe the newer hubs have been changed to fit all isis.
As K1 always changed there parts slightly without telling people ( like: Light cranks, XTP frame, trial cranks,…)

Peter M

Nimbus Hoppley

Nimbus Hoppley

les $ and you cant get them in britain any more