Which MUni? (yet another which thread...)

Ok, so:

I currently have a trials uni. it is nonsplined, and I have killed cranks. I use it for MUni, and I can keep up with my dad and brother, mostly. (!) mainly because I can hop/roll/do technical stuff faster than them. I really like MUni, and I am planning on going to next Moab. this will be cool. However, I’m not sure what I should get for a MUni, by then. As I am poor, have no jpb, etc. my budget is severely limited. So, I’m probably not gonna be able to afford a new KH, or even an old KH, or an Onza, or just about anything. I’m not sure if I really need a splined MUni anyway, because I’m gonna do my trials on my trials, and mainly roll on the MUni, which is less hard on cranks. I would like something pretty strong, however, that won’t die on 2 or 3 foot drops.

Anything fit this bill? I’m thinking about a Nimbus, because it’s cheap, has a nice seat, a nice hub, a nice tire, and it seems like a good deal.

What to do?

how much are u willing to to spend?

If you can manage $300 before Moab go for the Bedfors 24x3" Light Duty Muni. It should hold up to abuse you can put it up to.

Get the Torker DX 24" MUni

I like my nimbus very much. With nothing to compare it too. I’m doing some serious muni and learning trials on it, until I can save up for the 20" trials version. The cranks are very stiff. I upgraded to the gazz.

This is pretty much exactly the same situation i’m in at the moment.

I’m willing to spend as much as I can GET. the GETTING is the problem. i don’t wanna get a DX, becuase sa far as i can tell you can’t get a big enough tire on it. I want something I can put a gaazz on, becuase I am really envious of my brother’s. I really am thinking on getting a Nimbus with some upgrades, such as a gazz, adding one of my seatpost supports, and better pedals. That should do me pretty well. Catboy, i’ll look at the bedrford stuff. I haven’t really seen any of that stuff.

EDIT: does bedford have a website beyond the frontpage at bedfordunicycles.ca? all I can find is that and the pricelist.

i think

if you get a 2005 model of the torker dx then you can put a 3 incher on there but not a gazz

I own the Nimbus 24X3 and am very happy with it. I did put on Nimbus X cranks and Snafu pedals. The pedals are so much better than the stock pedals. Your feet will be glued to the pedals with the Snafus.

One word of warning for you, do not leave it on the ground behind an SUV. The frame and cranks can bend if the SUV backs over it.

The frame is plenty strong and relatively light weight. Actually lighter than the 2004 KH. Great seat. Can you live without a splined hub? If you can, the Nimbus is a terrific value.

I too have a Nimbus 24 x3. It’s great for what your talking about. I’m 200 lbs and it has held up to a fair amount of hopping and some 12’ drops. If you are mostly rolling it should last a long time.

did you mean 12 inches or 12 feet?

Torker DX is a good uni, it is a little heavy but hella strong. I know it can take a 3" tire, but from what i hear Gazz is bigger than average. i love the wildlife duro (the tire KH uses) tire, big and beefy at 3" wide and fits perfectly with the DX. I put my DX trials and muni through hell, hasn’t let me down yet. and they are reletively cheap.

You might want to look at the QUAX Muni they have them here at The Unicycle Shop

Both of you might want to look at the date on this thread. I’m sure the guy figured out what he wanted by now… :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, yea, i need to look at that more often,LOL. the date kinda helps sometimes,LOL.