which Muni unicycle?

in my efforts 2 recruit another unicyclist i told him when i got my torker dx (im getting it 2 start trials) for my bday i would sell him my lx… so he could learn how 2 unicycle…i just got into Muni using my lx but i dont think its all that great @ Muni…so i want 2 get further into Muni… so with the money from selling my lx and some other cash ive been saving i want 2 get a 26 inch Muni uniycle but i dont know which one…my budget is nothing more than $240 i saw the pashley thats on sale on UDC but i also saw the nimbus muni…both 26 inch but i dunno which one would be better…i wont be going down hill much @ all but im not sure wich one i should get

any help would be much appreciated

I think the nimbus would be better. isn’t the pasley old and hasn’t been updated for years?