Which Mudguard/Fender Setup is better?

Planning on riding in a gravel bike race this weekend with 90% chance of rain.
Thoughts on which fender is better?

Would like to stay as dry as possible…it’ll be cold (5degC=40degF)

edit: My ‘biggest’ worry is looking extra weird by having two fenders.
My 2nd worry is weight, but agree likely comfort is much more important.

front fender

rear fender


I have tested many and only one has convinced me: I now also ride the sks grand d.a.d on the Fatty and it keeps the dirt away quite well. It is inserted into the fork from below


I would go with both, as long as it doesn’t hinder you to have both on I don’t see why not.

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I would say go with both, keep yourself dry and comfortable and focused on the race.

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I used 2 sks mudrocker rear mudguards on my commuting g36 last summer/autumn. Rear one has extender mounted (one from front is waiting as a spare). This was first mudguard setup that really kept me clean. Even after long rainy rides on gravel roads.


You will get dirt on your legs if your fender doesn’t cover sides of the tire. If going well under 20 kph the front guard is not that important.

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That looks really awesome!

I had not thought of side protection, but that makes a lot of sense. But I’m feeling too stingy to buy something for just this one race (I usually just always avoid rain…)

I’ll be very happy if I can average 20kph *edit, but realized how bumpy and scary gravel/dirt roads when I went on a quick test ride today… I’ll be going quite slow, so plan is to change from 125mm to 150mm cranks and just use the rear fender.

Do you ever crash and mess up your fenders? I’m now worried because I think the chances I UPD on a gravel road is 100%…