Which KH 08 Trials? Long-neck? Double-crown?

Hi All,

I’ve been riding uni for about a year now and I’m planning to get my first trials uni as soon as the KH 08’s are available in the US. I sure wasn’t expecting there to be three models to choose from!

As a reminder, the choices are:

  1. Single-crown, regular length-neck (same as 07 KH trials)
  2. Single-crown, long-neck (but otherwise same as above)
  3. Double crown, long-neck.

I realize that I probably can’t go too wrong with any of these. I want to be ready to put in an order as soon as they’re available. If you could choose any one of these (assuming they cost the same), what would you choose and why? FYI, I’m 5’10".

  • Mark

I would get the single crown long neck.

If you’re using it for trials I’d get the short neck. I don’t think many people hurt themselves on the seatclamp doing trials. The long neck would probably be OK but the frame limits how low the seat can go and at 5’10" it may not be able to go low enough for you if you like the seat low. For flatland or street I’d get the longneck single crown or maybe double crown if you think you’d use the extra crown.

Unless you’re looking to also do a lotta flat, I’d just get the original styled frame. I do flat with the '07 frame and I rarely hit the clamp as it is.

Even though if I were to buy a new trials frame I’d go with the Long neck for aesthetic purposes, I would say the regular short neck is the best for trials.

Notice that trials is plural. That means you’re going to be trying more than one time. On one of those unsuccessful tries you might drop your uni and either scratch the frame (long neck) or scratch the seatpost (short neck). I’d rather scratch the seatpost which is a lot cheaper to replace than a new frame (or have it’s paint job ruined). Also the short neck uses less metal, so it is lighter than the long neck.