Which K1 unicycle should I buy off Meijers?

Hey, so I ride KH but everything is starting to break down so I figured it’s time to get a backup that’s another 19". As long as it’s near $175 I’m in the clear, so I’m going to be getting one of the unicycles off of Meijers online site.

The problem is, they all have different parts and I never cared enough to differentiate between them, nor can I find the specs/differences online anywhere reliably.

So, considering I’m pretty much just a street rider, with a little trials, which would be the best unicycle off that site for me?

I don’t do flips or spins or flatland, so that’s not important to me. I do however, do TONS of grinds, crank grabs, and drops. So I’d assume I don’t need the strongest of frames/seat posts and would rather have strength centered on the wheelset.

So if anyone could tell me the pros/cons of these compared to others on the site, that’d be awesome.

There have been so many threads about the K1 deals. I think the info you need is already been posted.