Which is the best Kris Holm film?

I’m trying to decide which Unicycling film to buy:

Unizaba…One Tired Guy…Into the Thunder Dragon…

I’m sure there’s others I haven’t heard of also.

I can only afford one, so i thought i would ask which one is the best. Now, I know they are ALL probably fantastic…but try to pick one out that is just all-around “The Unicycle Film That You Have To See.”

I’ll appreciate anything anyone has to offer. :slight_smile:

Jess Riegel

I’d go for One Tired Guy if I could pick only one. It’s a couple of short movies (for lack of a better word). Skilletto, Unizaba, and a couple others I can’t remember right now. Maybe 30 minutes in total.
A really good example of his riding.


here’s a link to a thread discussing ‘Into the Thunder Dragon’: -


and here’s a link to a really good free download of Kris Holm muni-ing, it takes a while to download but it’s excellent quality: -

The only video I’ve bought is ‘Universe’ which is excellent.

Re: Which is the best Kris Holm film?

If you’re not looking for Kris exclusively, I’d actually recommend UNiVERsE, produced by Dan Heaton. Kris figures prominently in it, but there are many other riders and a wide range of both MUni and Trials riding situations. It’s also a bit longer than any of the others you listed, and I’d say the “net total” of outrageous riding is higher.
Go here…it’s at the bottom of the list: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=8&subcat=36&cat=Off-Road+%26+Extreme&L2=Videotapes&L3=Off-Road+%26+Extreme

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I agree! I watch UNiVERsE all of the time. I also have the others, but i think this is my fav!


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UNiVERsE (Why the strange capitalisation?) is indeed fantastic, although it concentrates much more on the riding… the locations aren’t as scenic or exotic as some of the others. A skatepark, forest or random city doesn’t really compare with the top of a massive great cliff or a handrail of a huge bridge if you’re interested in stunts and locations.


Wow thanks guys! I think UNiVERsE looks like a good choice. I’ll let you know what I finally choose!

Keep the opinions coming!


The other two films on OTG are Skilleto (really good trialsy stuff) and Whitetrax (uni in the snow, really cool music!) It also includes a few little interviews with Kris. UNiVERsE is really cool as well, but there isn’t a lot of Kris in it. Into the Thunder Dragon is amazing!!

It doesn’t really matter which one you get, they’re all good!

universe, is awesome, it makes you want to go out and ride immediately.

If i had the choice of just one video, that would be it.

“Yeah! I can do that jump/drop/spin/gap! No problem!”