Which is harder to learn--Unicycling or Slacklining???

hmm… I hadn’t thought about it that way, but I can see where you are coming from. It seems to me like the ‘coasting’ related skills are the same, although of course, the visual effect, staying in one spot, as opposed to moving forward or back, is very different.

so this could be considered half-way to true coasting, the real thing only possible on a much longer cable.


-mike :slight_smile:

-and by the way… do you think that post is in the wrong place? it seemed ok to me…

i havent actually walked a slackline. but ive unicycled on one. it was pretty much no problem to mount from the slackline onto the uni. i think i could easily walk one.

so i’d say learning to unicycle is harder

I’ve seen this one at REI. I’m not sure of the quality but it seems to have good reviews on the REI web site.

Ok great, that looks perfect. :slight_smile: Thanks!

“This video has been removed by the user.
Sorry about that.”

no no no!! dont get it! those are harder because they are only 1 inch thick. get a gibbon jibline! it is bouncier to do flips and drops and stuff on it and it is 2 inches wide and feels a lot more stable :wink:

I was actually ready to order it, but then my dad walked by and told me that we had one sitting in our garage. xD So we found it, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t actually meant for slacklining but it looks like the same thing. We set it up like a day or two ago and I’ve been messing around on it, I can walk several feet each time now. I’m sure I could walk the whole thing, but one of the trees it’s set up on has really large, low branches, that make the second half unusable. It’s kinda boring though, unicycling is way more fun.

Edit: Actually it isn’t really boring, it just isn’t in the shade and it’s too hot outside :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe in the winter I’ll try it again.

haha i used to think it was boring until i learned flips and stuff! then it basically becomes a trampoline that can be set up anywhere. this is me slacklining at my cabin :sunglasses:

Its not harder if the slackline is thinner. If you do jumplines with barefeet its a little bit more comfortable for your feets but for longline it sucks if the line is wide. I use this slackline and it has the same bounce as the jibline (i tried both).

Its probaly looks but it is not. A real slackline is much more fun to walk because its softer and bouncier. But just to see how it feels to stand on a slackline the line you found at your place is probably fine.