which is better

im thinking of either buying a torker dx trails unicycle (20 inch) 2006 model but also thinking about the Qu-Ax 20 inch trails unicycle

please help which is better and why

also i feel really stupid but what is a rolling hop and a static hop :thinking:

A: Look under Unicycle Product Reviews
B: Static is not moving and rolling is moving
C: By your statments on other threads you don’t need a new unicycle,learn the basics first.
D: Stop making so many threads.
E: Try to type more like an adult.

i know its been said but use the search button because you’ve made three threads already and its just silly.

before you get yelled at anymore for asking stupid questions let me say welcom to the forum. It is probably the best resource you could ever use for unicycling of anykind and is filled with great people that will help you out.

You probably have a basic understanding of the search function by now with all these posts, go check it out your questions have all been asked before and there is a ton of great info archived in the forums.

As far as the basic answer for your question the answer is based on you. That is it really depends what things you want to do with your new unicycle. From the sounds of things your interested in street riding. You are on the right track with the trials unicycle for that. Both of the unicycles you listed are fairly comparable. The thing to look at is the hub and cranks, seat, and frame.


The qu-ax is obviously a little better quality, hence the extra price. The hub/cranks are probablly a little stronger, the frame a little stronger. HOWEVER, the Torker DX has a stronger wider rim.

The differences are small, if you have the extra cash go for the Qu-Ax, but if not the Torker DX is great for the price, being the cheapest splined unicycle on the market. Splined is the strongest choice.

Rolling hop is were you ride forward, using your momentum to carry you forward up onto the object. Static hop is were you jump from a standstill, usually done sideways.

ok thanks for the help!!! and is it better to have the wider rim?


Yeah because if you are using a trials tire then it will fold over more often with a skinny rim (at lower psi).

so the torker dx u said had the biger rim?

so that would be better right… cause from what ive seen in videos the tires are a little bit delfated…

you could try using the search button.

Get the Qu-ax it has cooler coler combo and the name sounds better than torker:D :smiley: :smiley:

I started with a Qu-ax Trials, It is GREAT it will take anything you can throw at it and ask for more. I have had it a year in May.

ok thanks so where is there product reviews?..