which is better?

okdoky i was wonderin which is a better uni to get, a nimbis 20" trials pro, or a KH 20" trials. yer help would help:D

plz answer, im waitin :o

ok you guys are being a little skirmish so ill answer for you ok?

Hey musketman i would go with the KH 20, its a realy good uinicycle and can take a beeting and big drops.

I think it would help if you give us some info about what you want to do with the unicycle; your weight, ect.

Personally; I would lean toward the KH since I own one, and haven’t had any chance to ride a Nimbus.


Surely there is a big difference in price.

Are you planning on this being an investment, or are you getting into it, to see if you like it?

If you are really into Trials, and plan on using the unicycle, for a lot of big jumps, then surely the Kris Holm would be worth spending the extra on.


ok im bout 5ft 4in 100lbs and do only street, and trial, and 5+ drops

also how much is the KH 20 trials? if you know

cuz if its over 500 i think its little to much

musketman- the (new) kh trials is $467. I don’t know what you mean by trials “pro”, I’ve never heard of that. If you’re talking 5 foot drops, then yeah, you want the KH trials. at 200 lbs, the nimbus isn’t gonna stand up to that kind of dropping. It’s a great uni for the price though.

dude, if you’re at the level of doing five foot drops, and say that you’re a street unicyclist, I beleive you would have gathered enough knowledge to make this blatantly obvious decision yourself.

point to murde.

What are you doing your 5 foot drops ON?!?

a savage?

I agree with Owen on this, although there is the common practice among many iders to exaggerate their biggest drops. To a beginner a 2’ drop feels like a 3’. ANd a 4’ easily feels like 5.

Musketman, this isn’t a chat room. Try waiting some time before getting antsy and posting over and over again. The only way you will get replies withint 10 minutes of the posting of a thread is if you post an extremely interesting thread with a provocative title while a bunch of people are browzing. This thread doesn’t fill out any of those requirements. Heck, the title doesn’t even tell you what’s in it.

You should look at unicycle.com and actually read the specs on the unis, since if you don’t know the price you clearly haven’t put any energy into it yet. Be patient. Things that cost $400-500 are not purchases to rush on.

I would go along with that, I have asked for some advice, about my future purchases, checked out unicycle.uk.com over and over again, and I am just about at a decision about whether to buy a 29" Nimbus.

Unicycles normally last for a long time, so you have to think about it carefully.

Oh, I think I will be getting the Nimbus 29" by the way.

My wife said I don’t need three unicycles, but as someone told me the other day, you have more than one pair of shoes, so why not have more than one bike ( or unicycle in this case ).


dood OMG get the nimbsu it is leki somuch bettarOMG

You only waited 15 minutes! this is a forum, not a chat room.