Which is better, UDC gel or KH Fusion?

i have just got a new unicycle, it’s got the crappiest seat you could possibly beleive. I am looking at investing in a UDC gel saddle or a KH fusion. I havn’t personally ridden either of them but my friend has, but he can’t really tell the difference.

any reconmendations?


I’ve only ridden the KH before, but I’ve heard the gel is amazingly comfy. the KH fusion is just the KH with a removeable seat cover.


yeah a few people have been saying that, thanx, i think i’ll prob go with the udc gel. :slight_smile:

I bought KH Gels for all my UNIs, I was running a Air seat on my 360 for a while but went back to the gel
I vote gel

ooh k,
how many unis do you have? :S

thanks for your help

dude, get the gel. it runs rings around the fusion.

i did 100km on the gel and it wasnt too bad (apart from the last 10km which was agony)
i dunno how far i would get with the fusion, but not as far.

gel is also smaller so good for sif and stuff. i actually put the gel seat on my kh cos i ride it more.



by the way, welcome to the forums. i will probably meet you at the next kilmore ride if i can be bothered going.

Yeah im with Gel too, the lower profile is awesome for trials (easier for seat out) and lighter, its also very stiff and really comfy.

I can’t find the gel on UDC, could someone toss me a link.

dont buy any of them… get a viscount…

I’m getting a new KH soon and I’m DEFFINATLY getting the gel saddle, it uses the same seat base so it’s just as strong, the gel is just so much more comfy :stuck_out_tongue:

sure they are strong and good for sif and rolling hops if u add a kh handle, but it’s like sitting on a brick.