Which is best??

I am looking to buy our daughter a unicycle for Christmas but would like to buy a relatively good quality beginners one. So far I have two options and would appreciate some feedback if anyone is interested please. My options so far are these: OnlyOne (Quax??) 20" or a Torker CX Unistar 20". It would be great to be able to know if there is any significant difference. Thanks

Haven’t heard of the OnlyOne but the CX is an embarrassment to the Torker brand.

Qu-Ax makes quality unicycles (but so does Torker, except the CX)

Hello! I had trouble finding the “OnlyOne” unicycle you said, but the Torker 20" is an alright entry level unicycle, but you might also want to consider a 24" uni. They’re more versatile. The Hoppley 20" uni is also a very good choice. I have the 24" version of it and it’s held up very well through the crap I’ve put it through. :stuck_out_tongue: I learned on a 24. I’ve been told a 20" is easier to learn on though. The Hoppley line is also much cheaper with pretty much the same specs as the entry level Torker. Pretty much any unicycle would work for a beginner anyway. And Unicycle.com is the greatest site in the world, next to this one.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: It seems that in Australia we are somewhat limited in what is available in beginners unicycles, might have to do some more research perhaps.

On looking into more options here here are some others to consider and give feedback on please, if you feel inclined:
20" Axis (Unicycles.com) or 20" Club freestyle
Thanks for any opinions or help.
The QUAX onlyone is at this web site www.sunshineunicycles.com.au if you need to see it and give feedback.

On looking at it the Onlyone is not a QU AX brand - oops

If you go for a QU-AX, take the 20" QU-AX Luxury. It’s a sturdy unicycle, well suited to freestyle and maybe even the first baby steps in street unicycling. The OnlyOne would work for learning to ride, but the round crown prevents it from being useful for the first couple of tricks a unicyclist normally learns.

I think the Club freestyle would be good. It has a nicer tire and more comfortable seat than either the Axis or the Torker.

I’m with ezy, buy quality. Get her a QUAX Profi or a Cross. and if not for a little more get a QUAX Luxus. I have taught many people to ride on these, they are a really nice uni, no ISIS but top of the square taper lot imo.