Which is Best, Chroming or Powdercoating

I have my frame, and I would like to have It nice and silvery. I wan’t something that will last a few rides, then scratching up right away and looking like shit. What would be my best bet?


Chrome lasts a looong time. Powdercoat your unicycle and it will get scratched. (1st law of physics)

Chrome is a LOT more durable.

Powdercoating is a LOT more colorful.

chroming gets you higher

lol. I was thinking that.

Re: Which is Best, Chroming or Powdercoating

For what its worth, chrome plating uses some very nasty chemicals
(think Erin Brokovich). Powder coatings are an environemntally better


Will chroming add to the thickness of my frame so it can’t fit the bearings, seatpost, etc? Will it add considerably to the weight?

Do some Googling, “Hydrogen Embrittlement” and Chrome

Powdercoating is much more versatile. Besides the obvious color choices there are many textures available. The cheapest is to get in to a run at the powdercoater’s when they are set up to do a race car frame or other project that will be a bright performance color. You can change it later in another of their runs. If you get in with someone else’s run, the set up charge is already paid.