Which hub on Coker?

I was wondering if people knew what kind of hub there is on the stock Coker? I want the skinny one. From what I remember it looks alot like the Schwinn Cotterless, but I might be wrong. Could someone please let me know as soon as possible so I can buy one?

The stock coker hub is an unbranded piece of junk. It’s changed a few times as to whether it’s a piece of junk with outy crank nuts, or with inny crank bolts, but basically the same old junk.

If you want a narrow hub, you probably want the (standard) unicycle.com cromo hub. It has pretty similar bearing spacing to the other narrow hubs (suzue etc.), but the flanges are put out as wide as they can be, making for a stronger wheel.


Sweet, I think I actualy found the exact same hub kicking around in my room.