Which hub/crankset?


I’ve been unicycling for 3 months now and just bent my cotterless steel cranks and the spindle after 4 weeks of use. I’m looking to get a set of cranks and hub for my 24" muni but don’t know which set to go for.

I want to get a strong set and weight is not an issue. I am just learning to uni but I am on heavy side 90 kg=200lbs so I tend to break everything I have. The old type 03-04 kh sets are cheap but are they any good? Or should I wait and get the 07 kh even they are much more expensive? I’ve read that the kh/onza cranks are not the strongest.

I live in europe so profile is not an option. Also I have 36 hole kh rim and used to have 152mm cranks which I liked.

The 03/04 kh hub and cranks are very strong, especially if you get the 125mm qu-ax cranks with it. The KH/onza is pleanty strong aswell but not as strong as the other 2. I dont know much about the new ones.

Just checked the kh07 cranks and hub and there is no need to ask anymore questions. They seem to be the cheapest and the best option. I just don’t get why they are almost half the price compared to the previous generation. Can’t complain, I am gonna go for them.

Me to. ( The hole uni then :stuck_out_tongue: )

yeah thats the best choice i think i wish they were out when i bought my wheelset.

I think they are much less expensive because theyre aluminum.

good choice!