which hub/cranks? AND george peck?

so i decided that instead of posting two threads that id just ask two questions in one thread. first of all, ive decided against the poznater hub and profile cranks simply because thay are way to expensive (nearly $300!). is the qu ax a good hub for muni? or should i go with the kh/onza hub and cranks? or is there some other hub/crankset that i dont know about. oh yea it needs to have the same amount of holes as the 24" dx32, thats 36 right?

secondly, does anyone know how i can get a hold of george peck? ive heard alot about him and apparently im only a couple hours away from him? i would love to ride with him in the summer so any help is greatly appreciated!

Profiles are more because they are better. Also, lifetime warranty.

the kh/onza are good for the money and where do you live

i live in anchorage alaska

I would go for the KH/Onza setup.

The Quax uses a 48 spoke hub so is not an option.
The profiles often tend to develop annoying creaking which is a pain, even though it doesn’t seem to effect their strength.

The KH/Onza hub does not have a life time warranty but I would be surprised if more than 5% of riders will ever break one. Time will tell.

Regards tracking down George, maybe try sending a personal message to kristopher_peck, George’s son. He also rides and sometimes posts on the forum.