Which hand?

I hop with my left foot forward and I hold the seat with my left hand. I am just wondering, is this normal or should I be holding my seat with the hand that is opposite the foot that is forward?
Does it make a difference?
I have noticed that I have a really hard time hopping to the left. I am not sure if that is just because I don’t hop in that direction too much or if it is because of how I am holding the seat.

Any suggestions, comments?

I think that there was a poll on this not too long ago.

I’d say practice all combinations. You might not get them as good as your preffered one, but it’ll help you in general. Get comfortable jumping in all positions.

Being able to switch feet may be useful, but switching hands is useless.

I have my left foot foward, right hand on handle, and gap to my free hand, to the left.

There is a lot of combinations for how you ride and jump, what hand you use, and what foot position, but whichever one works best for you, use it. I dont think there is really a prefered way to jump on a uni, like, there is no guidline aobut what foot to be foward, and which hand to grab the handle with.

THe one guidline I always follo though, is to gap to my freehand, You can get more momentuem and swing that way.

Not true.
Sometimes you can get blisters on your hands or sprain your wrist. Then, instead of crying over it you can just use your other hand. It’s like a back-up.

what happens if you break your wrist/ arm/ appendage and can’t use that arm?


Which what?

I would agree whith Ivan, Mix it up untill it feels natural with either.

Not so fast. When doing large seat-out side-hops (large in vertical or horizontal distance), one must often tilt the unicycle opposite their hop direction, i.e. a hop to the left requires a unicycle tilted slightly to the right. This makes it easier to keep your balance upon landing, as you can use your arm to absorb some of your sideways momentum.

I hop left with my right hand on the seat. I can easily pull the seat to the right but if I want to hop right I have to push my seat to the left. Pushing the seat extends my arm away from my body, giving me less control of the unicycle. If I could use my left hand on the seat, I could go bigger with hops to the right. This might not be the case for every rider but I’m sure it’s an issue for some.

Well, I think I will try to mix it up a little, it wouldn’t hurt to be able to do both.

I does seem to me however that holding the seat with the hand that is opposite the forward foot could be an atvantage. It just seem like it would be more balanced and your elbow would be less likely to hit your knee when you are tucking during a big hop.