Which grip hand and dominant foot are you?

I thought it might be interesting to see what the goofy and regular equivalent might be for unicycling.

I personally use my right hand for my grip, I like to hop with my left foot forward, and I mount my uni with my right foot first.

Sorry if there has been a thread about this, I didn’t find one, and I thought it might be fun to see what others do.

I am actually working on learning to alternate grip hands, I thought that this would be really beneficial, does anyone-else switch hands?

I don’t think unicycling has a Goofy. If we had a Goofy, people would say we also have a Mickey Mouse, and then the discussion would go straight to clowns and other stuff we’re not crazy about.

Left hand, right foot.

But my use of the left hand might not have the same origins as it does for riders of today. I held the seat with my left hand, so my quicker, dominant right hand could catch that old Schwinn seat in dismounts, saving it for yet more rips on the ground.

right hand, right foot, which is odd, because I learn everything on both sides, I just have to actively think about doing it. (juggling mindset of course)

When people say dominant foot for hopping do they mean the foot they put forward? Because although my left is forward, it feels like all the hop power is from my right foot.

For me, dominant is the rear foot. Or, at least in my case, my dominant hopping position is with my dominant (right) foot in the rear.

right hand, left foot forward, and I start pedaling with my right foot

Oh ok, I think Terry rides the same way you do.

Left hand, right foot forward … just feels right.

left hand, left foot forward (so right foot dominant: I freemount with right foot on pedal and left foot on ground, I jump with left foot forward and right foot back position)
I work hard to use both hands.

Left foot forward, either hand.

I always practiced switching hands because I was confused about which to use, so now I can do nearly every trick switchhand.

That’s good man. Here’s some different: i rolling hop up an obstacle with my left hand on the saddle, but if i were to crankflip up an obstacle, i would use my right hand…

Yeah hahaha, I’m sort of like that. I sidehop seat out with my left, but seat in/rolling hop with my right.

I must be goofy…left foot and right hand. I mount with my left foot at the back, hop with left foot back, hold on with my right hand.


There have been a few.
I started [post=1965341]this one[/post].
Then it was pointed out that [THREAD=21176]another one[/THREAD] existed.

When I first started learning I would alternate which foot I put on the pedal when mounting and I continue to do this to this day. So I have no preference when mounting. Interestingly, I did not have to work one side more in order to keep them at the same level. However, when learning to idle I had to work on my left-foot-down-idle much more in order to keep it equal to my right-foot-down-idle. When riding muni I tend to hold the seat with my left hand but I’ve been working with the right hand to eliminate any preference. I haven’t learned how to hop yet so I can’t comment on that. In general I’m right handed and right footed (i.e. I kick a ball with my right foot).

i have right foot forward and left hand on handle. i hop to right the best. i can do it both ways.

This is my preference also.

I mount with my left hand holding the saddle but will use both when riding and prefer to brake using my right hand. I’m left handed and right footed.

Ah yes, I never searched sidehop, that would be why.

I use a prosthetic hook on the handle and my caudal fin on the pedals.

Left foot, right hand. I started using my left hand a little bit for XC and crusing if I dont have an handle bar.