Which goes first rim or cranks?

I just posted something about me doing three foot drops on my torker and it holding up fine before I went out to ride today. I did a 2 something foot rolling drop and twisted a little bit in the air. When I landed the rim bent a whole lot but popped back immediatly. It still has a wobble though. Is it just a matter of time before it is completely destroyed now? Is it usual for the rim to buckle before the cranks bend?

Re: Which goes first rim or cranks?

Poorly tensioned spokes will ruin a wheel faster than Profile cranks start creaking!

well it really depends on the cranks and rim you have. on a low end uni like a torker, its not intended for trials use in any way, so both will blow out quick if usedfor trials. but, for example, a DM ATU the rim will bend first. because rhynolites are not ideal for trials either, they will bend before the excellent cranks. there not the best ever, but they are prety close. on say, a wilder with a 24" doublewide and a profile hub/cranks it’s likely that niether will bend with most peoples riding styles. A alex mod rim is even less likely to bend at all, no matter what it is put through.

This confusing post is meant to say that, depending on equipment, either can happen first.

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It all depends on how you land. Landing crooked, with the wheel on an angle or coming down on an angle that’s not in line with the wheel, will be hard on the rim, and easy on the cranks. When the wheel bends, it takes all the strain off the cranks, so they’re fine.

If you land straight, the wheel is very strong in that direction and more force goes through the cranks.

Once bent, your rim will probably never be the same again, though it may last a long time. Tightening spokes will not repair it, because then your spoke tensioning will be all off, and the wheel will be even weaker.

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