Which giraffe mount is easiest ?

The video and articles I’ve seen indicate 2 mounts are most popular: (1) the “Climb up” mount, and (2) the rolling mount.

Which one will be faster to learn ? (it seems from the forums that both are difficult, and have hit rates a lot lower than 100%).

Regards from sunny Brisbane, Australia.

I tried both mounts when learning and I was able to get the rolling mount first. I still have more success with the rolling mount although I can do both pretty well now.

I can’t get the rolling mount at all. Actually, I can’t get either very well. But the climb up is easier for me.

You know what five/six foot giraffes should have? Pegs sticking out the side of the wheel, to climb up on.

The only mount I can do is the rolling mount. That’s on a 5 footer.