Which frames fit a 24x3 Gazzaloddi?

So I’m looking to get into Muni, and a co-worker will sell me a 24x3 Gazzaloddi for cheap, which is a start… I have income now, so I can basically afford to build this whenever I want.

I was reading on Municycle.ca that the KH frames don’t fit the Gazzaloddi… :roll_eyes:

Does Darren have the old school 24" Black CrMo KH frames still? And do they fit a Gazzaloddi 3.0?

Also, is it really worth buying a Large Marge rim? Like honestly… will I notice that much of a difference over a DX32 or a 47mm KH rim?

I’m probably going to buy a brake for it too, friend has one he will sell me for $40, so that would be a nice addition to it.

Kris buddy, why aren’t you giving your frames clearance for a 3" Gazzaloddi? I want an aluminum frame…

Darren still has the “old school” KH frames. They’re $125.

I might be wrong, but i’m pretty that the 06 KH frame doesn’t fit the Gazz tire, because it has quite the little bridge underneath it. I may be wrong though.

I’d get the 04 KH frame from Darren, and buy the Gazz and brake from your buddy.

Got into trials biking I see ?


Sounds good Isaac.
http://borgschulze.pinkbike.com/album/Coustellier/, just finished it a few weeks back.

I’m a total noob, but I enjoy it 1000x more than Unicycle Trials. I like the learning curve that is basically a cliff, instead of learning pedal grabs and pre-load sidehops.

I was interested in the Monty you had for sale, but I rode one and hated it, felt exactly like a BMX to me.

Anyways, does the 04 KH frame have 4 bolt mounts, I’m assuming it does, I think Kris always ran a brake right?

So… I quit Unicycling, started riding FR/DH

and just now started learning Bike Trials.

Now I want a Muni…

I work at a Bike shop, and a customer was looking for information on Unicycles… so one of my co-workers asked around the shop seeing if anyone knew anything about Unicycling, and I offered to help.

Talked to the guy for a bit, and he asked for a demonstration.

Hadn’t ridden since May… hopped on… rode forwards, stopped, rode backwards… stopped, idled for 15 seconds or so… and now I want a Unicycle again.

I was considering a Coker for the longest time, but if I want to get somewhere fast I’ll just ride my Norco… and I really enjoy MTB’ing, so I changed my mind to go with a Muni since I can get the Magura and Gazzaloddi both for dirt cheap.

Back to your original question: I can’t tell you all the frames that fit the 24x3 Gazz, but I can tell you for certain that the Hunter frame fits it. Not sure if Darren carries those, but you might check e-bay now and again for a used one. It will be “like new”, because nothing bad really seems to happen to those frames. They’re bombproof.

40mm bearing caps.

I’m going with KH Moment cranks, Profiles aren’t worth the money to be honest. I prefer the stiffer Aluminum cranks over CrMo cranks as well.

Ahh,see…you’ve tightened the search parameters. That would have been helpful information up front. Any other limitations we should know about? :slight_smile:

Yeah, it has to come in one piece and not need to be welded together :sunglasses:

If it fits a KH post with the adjustable angle that would be great.

Is it worth building up a whole unicycle just to fit one tyre that is no longer available (except from old stock right?), and is not massively better than other tyres? It might be way cheaper just to buy a new KH once you add up the cost of the parts, I mean you’re not exactly getting a super duper deal on the tyre, so you won’t save masses of money there, and it’s always gonna be more expensive to build up a uni from parts.


Um, I have a 2007 KH 24 and it fits a Gazz just fine.

Previously, I had the KH 24" CroMo frame. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to CroMo; it is so heavy!


And here’s a picture to show it:


Stupid autoURL stuff isn’t working:

I bought the tire/tube for $10

Brakes I am buying for $40

I can get a DX32 rim for about $30, or a Large Marge for around $70.

KH24 is $650

Cranks/hub - $150
Frame - $125
Clamp - $8
Seat $55
Post - $50 for the adjustable 4 Bolt post that I want.
Rim (DX32 $30~) (Large Marge $70~)
Pedals - $30
Brake - $40
Spokes - $25~
Tire/Tube - $10

Total - $560~ + Shipping with Large Marge

That’s $90 cheaper…

Factor in the KH doesn’t come with a brake… so it’s really $130 cheaper with a better rim and a brake.

$170 cheaper if I go with a DX32

I don’t want a drilled rim on a Muni to be honest, I ride through thick mud on the trails I go to, and that’s a lot of crap to clean out of a rim.

I would also much rather have a custom ride… maybe Municycle.ca will hook me up and swap out some parts on a complete. Possibly hook me up with removing the wheelset, and shipping it with just the cranks/hub, and no rim/tire.

You will need special brake mount extenders to use a brake with the LM. I had a Gazz on a LM last year, and now have it on on a KH rim.

I think the pros you get from running a LM for muni are not worth the extra weight, the need for special brake setup, and the fact that the LM is less maneuverable.

haha Agent Q is telling you not to get the large Marge because it is to wide and heavy and I am going to tell you not to get the Alex DX32 because it is too skinny for a 3" tire.

Drilled rims are not that hard to clean, just spray them down with a hose. besides as long as the dirt does not get past the rim strip what is it going to hurt in there?

As for wider non drilled rims there is always the sun double wide but it does not have a good breaking surface.

Doublewides are garbage, they flatspot nicely.

I can’t see a DX32 being too skinny for a 3" tire.

I run 2.6" Gazzaloddi’s on Mag30’s on my FR/DH bike and they are an awesome combo, a Mag30 has a narrower inside width than a DX32 also.

Not like I’ll be doing a lot of sideways landing riding Muni.

If I had the money I would buy a KH24 from Darren now that I know the 07 fits the Gazzaloddi… $550 is a nice deal. Probably wait till spring to build up the Unicycle.

I’m still iffy on drilled rims in mud, that’s a lot of extra weight to collect while riding. Cleaning isn’t really the issue, it’s the mud build up.

KH24 07 from Tree Fort Bikes for $489 shipped.

Just so you know. Got mine there.

On my 26" MUni I had an DX32 rim with a Gazz. Whenever I would try to peck up something the tire would fold and throw me off the uni. When I tried higher pressures it seemed to defeat the purpose of the large volume tire.

I built up a new wheel with a 47mm drilled echo rim and found that the tire folding issues all but disappeared and ride quality in general has improved. I have not done a whole lot of mud riding but I can’t see the holes building up that much mud. For any significant amount of mud to be able to get into the holes, it would have to be fluid enough to flow around your tire then into the holes. This probably means that it is too liquidy to stick, but If it is a clay based mud and does stick it would stick to your rim anyway, drilled or not.

I also have a DX32 on a 24" Torker DX. The Intense DH 24X3 does not have the same folding problems I had with my 26X3 Gazz, I attribute this to the stiffer sidewalls on the intense. So in short a 32mm rim may be fine with some 3" tires but I didn’t like it with a Gazz.

I am sure there have been many other people who have used a DX32/Gazz combo, it would be interesting to hear if they tend to agree or disagree with me. why not ask them?

Looks like I’ll be buying Isaac’s Nimbus, and swap out the frame.

42mm KH rim works for me.

DX32 is 39mm wide on the outside, so the KH rim should be an improvement.

32mm rims

On my original Onza 24 I had an Alex 32mm with a kenda Kenetics 2.6" tire. It was a good setup for learning to ride but as soon as I started hopping and dropping I wanted more volume. I switched to a Duro 3" tire and got massive foldovers. This problem does not exist with the KH 47mm rim and a 3" Duro.