Which frame is better the KH 08 long neck or the Nimbus X CrMo Long-neck

hay i was wondering which frame was the best for freestyle and flatland

And are they compatable with this wheel

Hay is for horses.

ne who what do you think

The KH works with the wheel but the Nimbus X you linked to doesnt, you need to get the ISIS version: http://www.unicycle.co.uk/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=1051


But the KH is big for Freestyle. Get the Nimbus

KH. Lighter.

It depents on the wheeel set you will use, for a freestyle wheelset get a freestyle frame because otherwise you will have to much tire clearance.

beleive it or not, i think it would be cool try try a torker cx frame, i doubt it would ever break, and is much lighter then the nimbus one for sure.


The cx is pretty terrible for stand up.

For freestyle the best frame is the semcycle XL longneck.


Basically long neck Bedfords.

To help you out a bit…

Edit: sorry, didn’t see ntappin’s edit. But yeah, that is the one.

So if the cemi circle frame is the best do you know its specifictions or have a like because i cannot find ANY info about it on the website, what ever help would be apreceated.

Lol it’s Semcycle not cemi circle :stuck_out_tongue:

I know the bearing holders support 40mm bearings and the neck is 12 inches long.

Was just a thought.


The K.H:D

It’s quite alright man. We all have those thoughts. Just trying to persuade you not to take that route.

http://www.ajata.de/ratshop/offerdetails.php?id_offer=136&from=offers some more infos about the “semcycle” frame but only in german, if i should translate something ask me. I also think that this is the best freestyle frame on the market.

Signature frame I would say is very similar and an aluminum version.

Eh, yeah.

I have no experience with the signature frame i was just saying. The thing is, it would be difficult making a strong enough aluminum freestyle frame.

Most likely.

Yeah, I could definitely benefit from a lighter version of the XL frame.