which do you prefer?

ive been thinking about this forever!!Should i get the KH 20" trials or the KH 24" freeride? I just want your opinion on which one would be more worth it.Can you do pretty much everything on the 24" as you can on the 20"? or is it the other way around?I see kris holm using his 24" for trials and Muni riding so i don know! :angry: Also i want you guys to put up some videos for me to watch i find them realy impresive:D

p.s. i dont know wich one i like to do better(muni or trials) there both fun

Yeah sure yuo can do as much on a 24" as a 20" it just takes more work. the only think you might have a problem with is how high your hop is. also with the 24 you can go from trials right to muni. so bassicaly they both have their own pros and cons

yea im leaning twards the Kh 24 but im not ther yet!!

I would get the 24, you can do tirals easier on a 24 than you can do muni on a 20.

And when you do get a 20, you will be even better!

If you plan on doing both, go for the 24".

Do you have access to good mountain bike trails where you can muni?

A big problem for some people is getting to good trails to ride. If you live in an area that doesn’t have good mountain bike trails then a fancy muni is less attractive. If you do happen to live in an area with good trails but are too young to drive to the trails then a fancy muni is less attractive.

If you live near good trails and can get to the trails to ride, then by all means get the muni. :smiley:

You can jump around on a muni. Justin Kohse does trials and street style riding with a 24" muni. If you want to jump around and jump off things a muni will do that quite well.

If you’re city bound or unable to get to good muni trails then you may have more fun with a trials uni. Maybe.

I can’t imagine being without my muni.

yea i live in the woods and own 60 acres but its all just woods no trails but i thought it would be fun to go in them and find my onw way around. I also have these rocky kind of bluff/small mountain behind my house that seems to be quit fun to mess on.otherwize thers benches and stairs and tables and crap all over by this gun club i live by.I got ther and ride around alot.And thers a sant pit i jump off ther.

I personally prefer the types of threads thathave titles actually tell me something about their content, hint hint. In case it wasn’t blatantly clear enough, this thread is not one of my preffered threads.

One thing to remember is that the tires for trials uni’s are cheaper than muni tires. Riding trials on your muni can cost a bit mroe due to quicker consumption of tires.

I currently ride a muni for the rare trials rides I go on. I am marginally less precise, and my sidehop is 2" lower, but I don’t really care too much. The difference between 32" and 30" is nearly nothing, and riding a muni gives me another reason to wimp out on stuff.

Brock: Hopping height is irrelevant. You can do anything on a muni that you can do on a trials. If the person can only hop 14-16", then a muni shouldn’t affect their hopping height more than an inch or two, which is easily regained with practice. If they can jump 36", they won’t care any more about their hopping height in that regards, so a muni won’t make a difference.

Riding off-road on a trials uni is an exercise in frustration. The wheel is smaller so it doesn’t roll over obstacles as well. But more importantly the pedals are closer to the ground and you’ll be constantly hitting the pedals on the ground and on other objects as you ride. Not fun at all.

If you’re even thinking of taking the unicycle on trails then get the muni. You can jump up stairs with a muni no problem. Jumping up on a bench takes a little more work than on a trials uni, but can be done. Riding down a flight of stairs is more fun on a muni than a trials uni (the bigger wheel makes it easier and less bumpy). You can actually cover some distance during a ride with the muni.

I have a trials and i like it way more than my freestyle, but i find it easier to learn new tricks with my freestyle. I think u should start out with freestyle and then head onto trials but that just the order i got em’ in. Just a suggestion.

I’ve been riding on a 24x3 Muni for a couple of years. Some of our rides involve trials type riding in downtown San Antonio. I just got my trials uni earlier in the week and took it out for an urban ride last night. It is alot harder to ride down stairs due to the smaller wheel. There are a few places with very shallow stairs that I would ride up on my Muni and I find it almost impossible to ride up those same stairs on the trials. I would imagine the 20" wheel would not be fun on the trails.
The trials uni definately is easier when riding “skinnies’
If you plan on doing any trail riding at all, I would suggest getting a 24”
If you plan on just hopping around on stuff, the lighter trials uni may be the way to go. It all depends on what type of riding you are interested in doing.