which day at NAUCC?

I may have the opportunity to attend NAUCC next year, but would probably not be able to attend the entire conference. I would likely not be competing in anything (only been riding since June). Which days would be the best to attend for a first time attendee?


Saturday is the Artistic competition and the Bedford Experience. That would be a good day to be a spectator.

Sunday is the public show and basketball finals, also a good day.

See you there.

Hello Kathy! I just did a search online and can’t find that information about NAUCC 2007, or any other information other than July and Saline (MI). Is there any info online? If so, please bug Gilby to link to it from the USA Web site.

More information in this thread:

I know RTUC is working on a web page and on-line registration, but neither are ready quite yet.


One more comment to answer the original question:
If you are going as an attendee, the show (Sunday evening), track events (Monday & Tuesday), trials (Tuesday afternoon), or MUni events (Wednesday) would be my suggestions. These events are great for first-timers and are a good way to meet more unicyclists. There are workshops scheduled for Friday - but most people find that just asking someone how they do something gives you a great answers.

If you are going to just watch, then I agree with what Kathy suggested: but also suggest the Trials competition (Tuesday). Of course, the Bedford Experience is an event not to be missed!

I really suggest you register as a competitor - you’ll get so much more out of the experience.


The web site is still a work in progress but there is already some preliminary information there. The tentitive schedule is up but registration is not quite ready.