which cross pattern to lace?

Hi I’m planning to build a KH moment hub on to a Nimbus 19" trials rim (36 hole) (ERD:366mm) and I’m wondering if I should build 3 cross or 4 cross.

I know 4 cross has greater sideways strength but I’ve read that when I lace (4x) the wheel I might end up with the initial cross of each spoke going directly over the spoke head which will create a huge amount of stress on the hub flange.

Has anyone built this setup (note: Nimbus 19" rim is very similar to the KH 19" trials rims)?

Any thoughts on which crossing pattern I should use?

Thanks in advance.

4 cross on a 19" wheel is going to be virtually impossible for the reason you mentioned. Doing it on a 36" wheel is bad enough. All unicycle manafactureres lace all their trials and muni wheels three cross, I suggest you do the same.

thanks for the quick reply!

my nimbus II 24" is laced 4 cross.

for a trials wheel i would definatly do three cross.