Which cranks for my uni?

One of my crank arms has stripped completely on one side so I need to get some new ones. My unicycle is a Sun 24", everything on it is stock. I was just wondering what the best cranks would be that are compatible and cheap. Thanks.

Is that with square tapered hubs? If so, unicycle dot com has several types. You get what you pay for. Light weight makes a real difference to the feel of the uni. But even the basic cheap ones they have will do a good job.

Cheap (and heavy). I don’t like how these flex on every little bump.

Lighter and stronger aluminum. Nice and stiff.
http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=847 Q-facor. - more control at slow to moderate speeds on challenging terrain.
Less Q-factor. - less wobble at high speeds.

shipping $ is important


I would recommend these simple cheap cranks over anything UDC has.

UDC will charge you you more $ to ship you cranks then AEB. So these are much better, for your modest low end uni.:slight_smile: