which company

ive been looking through the site for a while and have heard mixed reviews about almost every company. im looking to buy a unicycle for flatlanding/street. so far ive heard the best about 3 major companies. so which should i get? Koxx One, Kris Holm, Bedford??? :astonished:

Get a Kris Holm with a pair of Rollo Disks and you have a really good flatland and street uni:)

If you are a new rider, it doesn’t really matter, you still have a ways to go before you’ll be able to see or feel the difference. I’d go with the least expensive option unless you have money to spare, used is best if you find what you want. Isis hubs are the standard.

ok cool any other suggestions?

KH, Nimbus, Qu ax, K1 all have their fans. If you can burn money, the Ti framed Nimbus and Ti KH hub look great. I agree with ^ that all the ISIS unis are pretty good and won’t be much different to a new rider. You need to spend a min of around 300 $ unless you go used.

There is also the new Torker ISIS, which looks really good in spec, but I haven’t gotten the word yet from anyone who has ridden one.

In general, the more costly ISIS unis, KH and K1, use more costly frames that save a lb or so. All the ISIS set ups seem to be quite tough. The older splined unis (non ISIS) , are quite tough also and can be a great deal if it’s cheap and doesn’t look all beat up. You give up crank interchangeability, and orphan cranks are scarcer and pricey. Still, if you can find an older non ISIS splined uni for 100 ish $, that would be a great way to go if you need to pinch $.

If you really need to save cash, this is solid uni for 100 ish but it won’t take the pounding the splined hubs will.


If you have the money I would go with the Kris Holm.

Nimbus are good for the money aswell. :slight_smile:

RE: which company

Nimbus for sure. but up to a certain chooses.

If you plan to do ANY jumping, don’t go with a Torker LX. The DX is good, although pretty heavy, but the LX is more of a luxury rider. Its great for just cruising around, but if you start jumping, the cranks are going to strip very easily.
A good starter uni for street or flatland would be a nimbus that you can find on unicycle.com. They have a good 24in. freestyle uni, which I own, for less than $250. The 20in. is even less. They are both good starters for flatland. If you start doing jumps though, you may need to look in to upgrading the cranks.
If you want to go more towards flatland, the Nimbus X is also a great uni from what I’ve heard.
Once you get to riding one of these, you can start to get a feel for what it is you want/need your uni to do. You need it lighter, you need a different shaped crown, etc. and you can upgrade from there to one of the more expensive unis, and know that you are getting what you need.

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