Which BC wheel

What is a good BC wheel for around $200? Is the bedford 24" street any good for the price? Also, what is the differance between BC pro platforms and ‘the other ones’?

24"s are good, the pro plates are the long ones, the others are teh shorts. Both are great plates.

We were riding the pro plates this weekend.

Thats good to know :).

And Evan agrees with someone for once, I feel special :p.
Wait, maybe I should get a 20"… or not.

Oh, and the 24" Street is $190 with PROs. :slight_smile:

evan only agrees when people say they want 24" BC’s:)

20"s are fine

wow, he agreed that 20"s are good:) I’m getting a trials. I will probably end up getting a 24" afterward though.

Yeah, its obious that hand-on-wheel stuff would be easier with a bigger wheel, but some people say that they are faster. Doesn’t make sense but I can’t really argue.

Yeah 20"s are fine, i dont ride them much, but they work for most things.

how do you like your 26" tryall BC? it looks soo cool.

I don’t do hand on tire stuff anymore, i use to, but i dunno, all seems lame now.

yes, bigger wheels are way faster.

I like it alright, im selling it though.

This is off topic, but has anyone gone into a halfpipe with a bc yet? With some pumping you could actully start getting some air.

bryan can air so high out of one.

hes been doing them for like 6 months.

Thats pretty freaking awesome!!!

I have seen some of his vids and pictures and saw him on quarters and on spines, but not a halfpipe.

I should really start to BC, just need about 200dollars so I can invest in a good BC wheel and not have to upgrade or replace parts for a long time.

So the Bedford 24" Street with PROs would be a good choice?

For sure, sounds like a good setup.

I’ve been thinking about getting a 24" but I’ve been waiting to try one out before deciding. So, yeah, get a 24" so I can try it. :wink:

BTW, I’ll probably be visiting Darren this weekend, so if you order it and Darren can get it put together in time I can bring it back for you.


You should really be choosing a bc for what its good for and what you tihnk youl be doing on it. Just because a bc feels good when you ride it, dosnt mean it will be good for the use you have for it.

Oh well, the 24" street isnt around any more :(. Looks like ill go for the 20" street 'cause the only other available 24" is the downhill for like $300. Yeah, i guess you get more high speed wobble with the 20" but whatever, it should be good enough. And Jason, I might take you up on that offer.