Which BC wheel should i get?

I was looking on unicycle.uk and it has 2 bc wheels for sale.
The first one is only £85 but there is another one witch costs £110 here.
So what i want to know is weather the more expensive one is worth it or if i should get the cheaper one. If any one else knows a another place i could get a bc wheel that is better/ cheaper please share it. But remember i am in england.
Thanks in advance.


yes nimbus…lower plates so easier to ride

Unless you’re gonna be going off crazy drops and doing some mad hops on it, the Nimbus would actually be better.

When in doubt, always buy the most expensive one. :slight_smile:

But he’ll have more fun on the cheaper one

hey man, ive got an almost new BEDFORD TRIALS!
its got a yellow rim and brand new luna tire.

its got some bedford long plates.

im in the US, Arizona, to be specific.

im willing to let it go for 175$ USD. you pay shipping.

post if you your interested.


edit:my avatar is the exact same BC lol…

do you know how much the shipping would be?

Sometimes I wonder about you lot!

Please read the specifications of the Nimbus and the other one. The reason the Nimbus is cheaper is not because it is less good it is because it is made in Taiwan instead of being handmade in the US. It is a much more developed product.

The Nimbus plates can be fitted in 3 different heights they have a folded back plate that will offer a much higher strength than any other plate on the market. It also has futtocks!


awww man i need some of those. will the us udc be getting any?