which armor is better?

which of these armors are better?

4x4 shin.jpg

what’s the first option?

Yeh whats the first option, I know 611’s are supost to be good pads.


I’ve been using 661’s for quite a while and really like them. I’ve crash tested them many times and they show no signs of abuse. The only drawback is they’re a little hot for summer riding

the first ones are kris holm ones. i dont know if im willing to spend that much right now on the kris holm ones. i just wanted to know if the sixsixone’s were good enough. do any of you have any.

See my post above your last one. The best part about 661’s is that you can get them for $20 here:

And now for a bit of thread jacking-

KK, I think I’m going to pick up a set of 661’s from that site. While I’m doing that, is there anything else on that site worth looking at? I saw their camelbaks, but the price was a bit high.


[B]Thanks. I’m going to buy them tonight

I also use the 661 elbow/forearm armor ($17)

The knee guards and elbow guards on the left side of that page look like they’d offer a whole lot of serious protection from “road rash” for a very reasonable price

Although I’ve got a huge scrape up my shin from my metal pedals I’m not gonna get shin pads. Heh, maybe if I lived in the UK I would but Australia is far to hot. I’ll just learn to be careful, rather that burning in pads.