Which airport is the bus laid on by unicon organisers going to?

OK i think the title is self explanitary, i booked the bus transfer when i registered for unicon, and now i can’t find which airport the bus links to, and i need to book plane tickets. My guesses are Zurich or Bern, can someone please let me know?

Unicon buses are to/from the Zurich airport.


Connie is correct: it’s Zurich

For a group of 40 to 50 people travelling together, we would also offer a shuttle service from other airports too (meaning Basel or Berne).

Zurich is a much bigger airport than either Basel or Berne. You are more likely to find a flight to Zurich than to the other two smaller airports mentioned.

Thanks very much for the prompt and concise answers guys, booked the tickets last night, we couldn’t find anything going to Berne, so I’m quite glad it was Zurich.