which 36er easier to upgrade to schlumph

I am looking at getting a 36 real soon, I was told a schlumph hub will not work on a coker because the bearing size is 40mm and 42 is needed. Therefor a nimbus pro isis would be a better cycle if looking to upgrade in the future.
Is this accurate. Please help.

As far as I know with the new bearings (knurled so you don’t need a torque arm) pretty much the only frames that fit perfectly are KH frames, and Schlumph frames.

yeah man go for the kh36, its a nice piece of metal. i have the nimbus titan, that hub will be to wide for my soon arriving schlumph hub, good thing i picked up my kh 36 frame over the summer!

Some people have made the newer Nimbus frames to work but a few of them have had problems with side forces on the bearings from the bent in frames not aligning quite perfectly.

I would say if you plan on putting in a KH/Schlumph hub in later I would just go with a KH.