Which 29er to buy?

I’m looking to buy a 29 inch unicycle. Here are three that are my top choices (one Nimbus and two Yuni’s):

Is there any reason to buy one over the others? Will they all weigh about the same? The Yuni’s don’t mention what pedals are included. Also, why is there a difference in the price between the two Yuni’s?

The KH29XC is not on my list because a) it is a lot more expensive, b) it seems like overkill since I only plan to use it on-road, and c) it looks like UDC no longer has it in stock.

Thanks for your help.

Go with the KH saddle whatever you choose. I got my 29er with a miyata saddle and then switched to the KH. If you’re not going to use an air saddle or other softer modification, the KH saddle will make your rides more comfortable.

One of the Yunis is painted black, which is presumably why it costs more.

If you got the cheaper Yuni, you’d want to upgrade the pedals assuming it comes with the plastic pedals in both the yuni pictures.

The Nimbus doesn’t have a handle on the seat, you’d probably want to upgrade to a KH seat with a handle. You should be able to swap the seat if you phone up unicycle.com rather than having to pay the full amount for the seat (I’d get the KH fusion seat personally, as then when it breaks you can fix it easily).

The Nimbus has Qu-ax cranks and assuming it’s the same one sold in the UK, has a wider rim, which makes a real difference on the fat 29er tyres. It isn’t made of quite so posh parts and the wheel isn’t hand-built but I still think you’d get a better ride from the wider rim.


I’ve got a Nimbus 29er and I like it very much. I’m still running the 125mm cranks, but I think it’s ridable with shorter. Recently upgraded it with a UDC Gel saddle, which is quite nice and also has a handle.

Everything works fine and it rides very nicely now I’ve got used to the huge mass of a 29er wheel!

I don’t know about the Yunis, but certainly the Nimbus is a nice bit of kit IMHO.

I’ve got a Nimbus too. (Or rather, I have two nimbuses). They’re great. They both have handles on the seats. The newest one came with a handle on the seat (apparantly this was the form for this latest batch of Nimbuses, or should that be Nimbi?). I did swap the peddles cos I wanted blue ones but the black ones that come with it are fine.


I cant help myself. I just have to make this lame joke everitime someone mentions 29ers.

Buy this 29er:

Hey Scott,

Looks like we’re neighbors. I faced the exact same decision very recently - one of the two Yuni’s or the Nimbus. I finally chose the Nimbus for the following reasons:

  • better pedals
  • rounded frame shoulders are easier on the knees
  • the Nimbus has quite a following and some of them even use it for mild off-road
  • “Cathwood” (already posted a response to your topic) regularly writes about her Nimbi in this forum. Her writings convinced me.

Of the two Yuni’s, I liked the black one but I was disappointed that it was just a painted version of the chrome frame at a lot more expense. Also saw lots of posts about how just about any width of tire will fit the Nimbus.

Glad I got the Nimbus, I’m real happy with it. I was worried about the rim being single-walled (Yuni’s advertise double-walled), but in real life it seems more than strong. I’m wondering if maybe it really is double walled, afterall.

Good luck in your decision; all three look decent. The good thing is, I don’t think you can make a bad choice.

I have a 29" Yuni. It came with cheap, crappy plastic pedals that have been replaced with nice pinned bmx pedals. I bought it for the double-walled rim. I’d rather pay the money up front for something that I’ll probably never break than to have to fix it later.

I have several unis (20, 20, 20, 24, 26, 28, 36) of which 2 are early Nimbuses. All have been modified, especially tyres and pedals.

Having recently purchased a KH MUni, I have been surprised by how much difference to the riding experience the quality makes.

So the message from one who’s tried is: get the best one you can afford.

Remember that every component is potentially upgradeable.

None of the standard Yunis/Nimbuses will let you down, though.

Make your own decision about seats. I have done long rides on and off road on a standard Miyata and found it more comfortable than a KH or a UDC gel seat. Others will have diametrically opposed opinions. It’s all to do with the size and shape of your backside - and no, we don’t want photos to help us to advise you. :astonished:

Yeah, but everytime you ride you end up hiking out. :frowning:

:slight_smile: Good one! :slight_smile:

BUT it’s not always that easy. The KH give leg measurements for which it is suitable. I am too short to ride a KH unicycle :frowning: . Therefore boycot them, that’s what I say. Down with shortist unicycle manufacturers!


The only problem with that is that it’s not a KH 29er rim, or at least not according to the site. As far as I know, there are only two really wide 29er rims out there, the KH one, and the single wall one that comes on the Nimbus. The wider rim makes a real difference to the ride compared to a narrower rim, particularly on 29" muni tyres and the Big Apple. Being single wall just changes the theoretical strength of the wheel. Given how much my pashley rim on my muni (cheap single wall) went through before I upgraded that, I’d go wider, but single wall over a double wall narrow rim. Obviously the KH rim is preferable to both if you’ve got the money.


If you are really looking into this you may be interested in creating your own 29er with parts from bedford or buying one of the bedford 29ers.

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Check the Trading Post. I’ve got a really nice 29r that I’m selling. It comes with 3 tires, a really nice custom frame that will hold a 24x3, and a KH seat that’s beefed up with a FMF alloy post and SH rail adapter. I’m asking $300 and the 29r is mint.

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