Which 27inch tyres

Having just built myself a uni for red-bull style events next year
can anyone suggest anything good in the way of tyres?

  • If not I’ll probably go for these:


then go to racing and CX PRO


Hmm 32mm cyclocross tyre?

  • light, but you would have to run it rock hard to prevent flats

Go for a 29er tyre …

  • more grip
  • more cushioning
  • more weight (but still a fraction of the angular inertia of a coker)

Leo White

I tried CX tyres (michelin mud) and 29er tyres (irc notos) last year and whilst the michelin tyres were fun on road, off road they were incredibly fussy, you really needed your concentration to stay on them, the 29er tyres were much more forgiving. They also sent a bit of a jolt through the unicycle as you rode over roots or small dropoffs, I didn’t dare ride anything bigger. The 29er tyre rides that stuff without complaining.

if you wanted something in between 29er tyres and cx tyres the schwalbe black jack 28x1.9 (47-622) is quite big but not as fat as a 29er.

For red bull though I’d go for the fattest tyre you can get because towards the end it gets really like hard work and the last thing you want is a high pressure tyre. The ground conditions have been incredibly solid the two years I’ve done it and cushioning is really important.


I thought I’d try a skinny tyre to cut through the really sloppy clay round my woods - the 3inch and up tyres just slide over the top, but in an uncontrolable way.
I have the latest incarnation of my seat on it which has a shock-absorbing ability and makes the ride quite comfortable. I’m going to try a 700c 45 tyre I found in the bike shop today, I’ll just change over the rim.