which 26in. uni should I buy?

dogbowl Wrote:
> A few months back I was trying to decide between the Nimbus MUni 26 inch
> and the Yuni Journeyman 26 inch. As far as I know, there is no Torker
> 26incher at the moment. I don’t think there is a Miyata 26inch uni as
> well. There is a Semcycle that looks nice, but for some reason, it did
> not make my final choice (perhaps it was unavailable at the time).
> I chose the Nimbus because of the KH-like saddle and the big fat Muni
> tire and the double walled Alex rim and indestructable pedals. I knew I
> would be clumsy with it, so I needed something that would not be too
> bothered with hitting the concrete.
> The Yuni has a slightly better frame, and the Kovachi wheel looked
> tempting, but ultimetly I went with the Nimbus 26 inch because it
> appeared to be a real good bargain.
> (Drats! I just checked unicycle.com and it appears that the 26 inch
> Nimbus MUni is out of stock till christmas)
> However, in the touring section, there is a very nice sounding Nimbus
> 29
> inch! It must have just arrived. (I say nice sounding because as of
> this
> writing, there is no photo…yet) As with the other Nimbus models, it
> has a really nice price! Comes with a big apple…
> Anyway, that Yuni Journeyman may not be a bad choice for a 26 inch
> touring machine.
> My 2 cents (I really like my 26incher–I have a hookworm on it now, and
> it’s really cool. It will be better when the freemounting improves…)
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Yo ,onewheeldave and dogbowl thanks for the replys.Ill probably go for
the Yuni.The Nimbus is way more than I can spend.